Doing What You Love to Do

The first step in growth is to do what we love to do and to become aware of doing it.

Any activity of daily life can become a support for mindfulness meditation when it is undertaken with the intention of developing concentration, clarity, compassion, or insight.

What do you really enjoy doing? Doing what you love to do with mindful awareness can be a great place to begin the practice of meditation. Hereís how:

The meditation is not the activity, but the quality of attention that we bring to the activity that you love.

1. Choose an activity you enjoy.
2. Determine to bring your full mindful attention to it.
3. Slowly, carefully, and mindfully begin. Stay relaxed and give your wholehearted attention to what you are doing.
4. Whenever your attention wanders or fades, gently return to being fully aware of what you are doing. If tension arises, relax and smile playfully to yourself.
5. When the activity or designated time period is over, pause for a few moments to reflect on the new richness you have discovered in this familiar activity.

In fact, everything that we do throughout the day, even the tasks that we do not like, can become a tool for developing our minds and deepening our concentration.

Adapted from Luminous Mind by Joel and Michelle Levey (Conari Press, 2006). Copyright (c) 2006 by Joel and Michelle Levey. Reprinted by permission of Conari Press.
Adapted from Luminous Mind by Joel and Michelle Levey (Conari Press, 2006).


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