Don’t Lose Your Pet — Register Their Microchip!

Microchipping pets is at an all-time high. But this little act of kindness is meaningless if the chip is not registered – and if the owner doesn’t keep information up-to-date.

Pet owners are usually surprised to learn that one in every three pets is lost in its lifetime. In the past five years alone, more than 3 million lost cats and more than 700,000 lost dogs were never reunited with their owners.Sad story after sad story shows that a microchip itself isn’t enough; microchips must be registered, and contact information kept current, to increase the chances of being reunited with a lost pet.

To help pet parents manage their pets’ microchips, the Found Animal Foundation just launched a new microchip registry, This free registry which takes advantage of electronic media willrevolutionized the way pets are reunited with their families.

One of the best parts about the microchip registry is that it is fully automated. Thus, pet owners are immediately notified if their pet has been found via texts, emails and calls. The messages also inform pet owners how and where to pick-up their pets. The alerts continue for four days unless the pet is picked-up sooner. And since millions of pets go missing every year, this registry will undoubtedly bring countless moments of joy when a lost pet is recovered. And for most pet owners, any added level of protection contributes to peace of mind.

The Found Animal Foundation along with the City of Los Angeles also recently declared June, Microchip Month, and they both hope that through the new registry, public outreach, discounted – and sometimes even free – microchipping that there will be more lost pet stories with happy, rather than sad, endings. TheFound Animal Foundation also provides low-cost microchips and scanners to shelters, clinics and veterinarians across the country, all in an effort to make microchipping, registering animals and reuniting lost pets with their families faster and easier. That is good news for all parties involved and this multi-pronged effort will undoubtedly lead to fewer euthanized animals. So, three cheers to the Found Animal Foundation and their new registry — and to all of the future happy endings!

To register your pet, visit Have more questions or concerns about microchipping? Click here.

Do you have a lost and found pet story? Was your pet microchipped? After reading this story will you microchip and/or register your pet with

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Carole R.
Carole R4 years ago

Such a great tip for for all pet parents.

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H4 years ago

I should have mentioned of course that Sam is microchipped.

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H4 years ago

Sam the Blue and Yellow Macaw is a well-known character in our village. The Friday before last he was stolen, but by Monday he'd been found in the big city 80 miles away, and brought home, to the delight of his many friends! :-)

I'm told that some of his language has got even worse!

Michael H.
Mike H4 years ago

Chips save lives

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

PrimaAWAY B.
PrimaAWAY B4 years ago

Microchipping or something has to be done with your pets. Even your indoor pets.
In the past month 2 cats who have never been outdoors in their life both took off outside from being scared by something going on from what I was told. They do not live in the same house but it can happen that even your indoor cat , etc.. can some how get out of the home.

Ivory West
Ivory West4 years ago

Microchips for pets are being implanted in dogs and cats by veterinarians, animal shelters and breeders for identification purposes – but there are health risks as well so do your homework.

Nickihermes Celine
Past Member 4 years ago

my babies have a microchip,thank you for sharing 2/7

Rosie McMillan
Rosie McMillan4 years ago

My cats and dog are microchipped (and registered) I would be distraught if I lost them and they couldn't be traced back to me. I wasn't able to register my dog online as she came from Spain and was microchipped there - but it was easy enough to photocopy the passport and sent the details off.

Camilla Vaga
Camilla Vaga4 years ago