Don’t Seek Inspiration-Create It!

You are your greatest source of inspiration. It is an energy that lives and breathes inside of you. Similar to the soul, it is infinite, limitless, boundless and pure.

Tapping into your inspiration has little to do with doing, changing or figuring things out. Those responses create unsupportive barriers which clog the pathways of this force. It is a feeling that emerges from inside and expands outward. You may recognize it through a flash of insight, a rise in energy, an a ha moment or internal shift in your state of mind.

Just like life happens, inspiration happens. You have no control over how and when, however you can influence it. To strengthen and discover the depths of your source, all you need to do is breathe into the ordinary moments of your day. Breathe like you did when you were an infant, a slow, deep, rhythmic breath that extends far into your lower belly. This automatically hooks you up to the subtle energies of creativity.

Consider drawing, painting, writing, singing, dancing or building. This energy attracts and guides you toward reflections of your own inspiration. Reflections are abundant. Connect to the moment and you will see them clearly. Become what you would like to see and they will reveal themselves.

Nature carries the vibration of inspiration. Take time to smell the flowers, notice how experiences wash over your senses carrying the scent of your higher calling. Receive the energy of a supportive hug or smile. Give thanks to all that you are right now rather than who you wish to be.

Remember, the choice to act on your inspiration is yours. You may choose to sit with it awhile allowing it to penetrate your tissues, bones and blood nourishing your wisdom. Sit and receive it as if it were the warm sun on your face….Continue reading at

Sherianna is the author of Powered by Me for Educators Pre-K to 12.

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Emma S.
Emma S5 years ago

I think it's like a muscle, and can be strengthened through use. I don't believe in muses, but I do believe in showing up, being there, and being observant, curious, and playful. I've looked at work I'be done when I've felt inspired, and work I've done when it felt like pulling teeth. The process may have been very different, but the quality of the work is indistinguishable.

Maureen Buthod
Maureen Buthod5 years ago

Thank you.

Gloria picchetti
Gloria picchetti5 years ago

I can't give Green Stars to Rachael. We must be rebellious or something.

Stanley R.
Stanley R5 years ago

Like the Buddhist monk replied to the question "How do I find happiness"? He replied "Make others happy"

aj E.
aj E5 years ago


Val M.
Val M5 years ago


Denise Morley
Denise Morley5 years ago

Lovely thank you :)

Roxana Saez
Roxana Saez5 years ago

Long walks in nature do it for me :O)

Lynn C.
Past Member 5 years ago


Robert O.
Robert O5 years ago

So true. Thanks!