Don’t Throw Those Wine Corks Away, Upcycle Them!

You like to drink the occasional bottle of vino, and if you are like my wife as opposed to me, you like the stuff that comes in a glass bottle rather than a can. (I kid, do they even make wine in a can?) Nothing wrong with that as long as you’re responsible, right? You can recycle the glass bottle, which is infinitely recyclable, but what about that darn cork? As long as it’s natural, it’ll biodegrade in a landfill over time, but there’s no benefit to that, and it certainly doesn’t help the depletion of cork forests. If only there were a way to recycle it, or better yet, upcycle it.

Well hold on to your hats dear vinophile, because your prayers have been answered. Thanks to companies like Recork, the answer to your problems lies only a post office or drop off box away. Recork will take back your natural corks, and make them into new shoe treads for a company called Sole. How cool is that? You can send your corks in (they’ll send you a free mailing label for 15 lbs or more), or better yet, you can find a drop off in your area and turn them in as you use them. According to their website, to date, they have upcycled over 8 million corks and planted over 2000 trees (they do that too).

Of course Recork isn’t the only company doing this, a simple google search comes up with more than a few sites that turn your wine stoppers into everything from shoes to flooring and beyond. Regardless of who you use, the important thing is to keep those corks out of the landfill and put them to some good use.



Alan Lambert
Alan L4 years ago

Cool ideas...

Tammy K.
Tammy K4 years ago

Great news! Thanks!

Pam W.
Pami W4 years ago

Nice, thanks.

Helen Wu
Helen W4 years ago

yay :)

Klaus Peters
Klaus P5 years ago

Cork is in short supply; hence we have aluminium caps on most vino bottles these days. I do recycle my cork stoppers, not for art work or cork boards, but give them to collection centres run by charity. They sell them to industry to make gaskets for car engines or new cork stoppers for Port bottles, recognisable by their plastic tops. As for the aluminium seals they can be recycled as well with soda or beer cans, not to forget the bottle which is forever recyclable. Nothing gets wasted in my place.

Cindy Rhodes
Cindy R5 years ago

I've been collecting corks for years to do just that, make a cork board, thank you for the cool design.

Yulan Lawson
Yulan L5 years ago

Very good, well thought out.

Beth Wilkerson
Beth W5 years ago

This is great. A practical solution for recycling corks.

Dale Overall

Some cats enjoy hunting and chasing the cork while giving it a good slap with the paw and then chasing the escaping cork into the next room.

Mike and Janis B.
Janis B5 years ago

we take ours to the local wine making place and they send them to be recycles for flooring. the girl guides also collect them