Don’t Waste Wilted Herbs–Make Sachets!

It happens all the time. For those of us who don’t have kitchen herb gardens, we get our herbs at the store, and that often means having to buy more than we need. But don’t fret the wilted stuff. There’s a great use for the herbs left over from last night’s dinner. Make scented sachets!

What You Need:

  • Draw-string pouches; or squares of cotton, linen, hemp or similar fabric along with lengths of scrap ribbon. Old pillow cases, napkins or similar fabrics work great.
  • Dried herbs

What To Do:

Gather up the unused herbs from the week’s recipes, or take clippings from the garden. Mints, rosemary, lavender, thyme, sage and similar herbs are all fair game. Hang them upside down in a dry place (near the heater works best) for a few days so they dry completely. Here are a few tips for drying herbs. Once the herbs are dry, strip the leaves from the stems. You may leave whole, or gently crush the leaves.

Place the leaves in your sachet, or place in the center of a square of material, gather the edges, and tie with ribbon.

These can be placed in drawers, closets, cars, or given as lovely gifts.

If the scent starts to diminish, simply give the sachet a shake or a gentle crunch to release more scent.

By Jaymi Heimbuch, Planet Green


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