Dr. Brent’s Garden Party: You’re Invited!

The Oldest, Largest Garden Party in America’s History starts today, and you’re invited! Join Dr. Brent, Beekman 1802 (Dr. Brent’s farm in Schoharie County, NY), and gardeners across the globe in celebrating all of the many joys of the garden.

The party is an online event which will take place continuously over the 2009 gardening season, the goal is to inspire backyard gardeners and get them to share their gardening tips with one another.  Each month there will be prizes (hurray!) for the best tips submitted.  Winning submissions will be chosen by a panel of some of the most noted gardeners in America.

The party begins in March and takes a true “seed to table” approach.  The first topics include getting seeds started, then getting plants in the ground, controlling pests and weeds…all the way to the harvest and recipes.

To join the virtual party, click on the map of the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Garden to be taken to the different party pages. Over the course of the season you’ll find:

• Articles and advice from America’s leading gardeners.
• Monthly Contests judged by celebrity gardeners and chefs with valuable prizes.
• Ways to share your gardening stories and photos.
• Recipes from leading chefs using garden fresh produce.

The party kicks off with the March Contest which calls for party guests to submit seed-starting tips–so head on over and submit your best tip at the garden party site anytime during the month. Seed-saving gardener extraordinaire, Amy Goldman will decide which of your tips is most inventive, instructive, and helpful. The winner will receive a Beekman 1802 All Natural Bug Repellent Bar, a set of 12 notecards featuring Landreth Seeds Vintage Seed Packet Illustrations, and signed copies of all three of Amy Goldman’s amazing gardening books. The winner will be announced April 1.

Stay tuned for regular updates on the party: What’s growing, recipes from the farm, and lots of wisdom from both other readers as well as the celebrity judges. Oh, and of course, the monthly contests and all the groovy loot to win! (The grand prize already has me drooling in my tool shed.)

Visit the Garden Party headquarters here.


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did that say 2009 event?

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ooh, nice...

are they doing this in 2011???

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Thanks for the info.

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I am still a starter gardener, with just an Ivy and a African Milk Tree. Outside, I stick with Zinnia's because they are so easy to grow and are so pretty. When I get more experienced I will move on to a few easy veggies.

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Lucien B8 years ago

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