Dreams of Fall

Fall is right around the corner. I can feel it. Smell it. Taste it. Fall is truly my favorite time of the year.

Yes, I know it is still a month away, but I’m feeling the anticipation already. Maybe it’s my love for tall boots, hats, apple cider, falling leaves, and lots of layers. Either way, I’m gearing up for it with my dreams for September – December.

As I shared in a recent podcast, I spent time penning these dreams while sitting poolside near Austin. While in OklahOMa, I added them to my art journal in a spread that opens to display old accounting paper from my great grandparents’ furniture store covered with images and written dreams/goals for the last quarter of 2010.

A few of my dreams are: healed body, pray in India, host 3 dinner parties, 2-3 yoga / 2-3 gym / 1 running / week, relaxing holidays at cabin, sales goals for TranquiliT‘s fall collection, register for an art retreat, NYC book event, inspiring team retreat, and more.

Have you taken time to ponder what you’d like the final 4 months of the year to contain? If not, I encourage you to do so. Your dreams are waiting to unfold. Bisous.

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William C
William C16 days ago

Thank you.

W. C
W. Cabout a month ago


Emma S.
Emma S4 years ago

Thank you. I always felt a kind of claustrophobic panic as autumn set in, nightfall felt like a guillotine descending... I think it's a hangover from that 'back to school' feeling. But I'm trying to learn to love the darker, colder, seasons - and your idea about having a dream for each season is a rather lovely one. I'll see what I can dream up!

Danuta Watola
Danuta W6 years ago

thanks for sharing

Jeanette L.
Jeanette L6 years ago

While I love crisp fresh colorful autumn days, I have written the following about another aspect of fall:
The Dark Fairy
A dark fairy has transformed my yard with a wand of sheer cold. Where once dahlias stood tall, proudly displaying huge and perfect blooms, there are now empty stalks, bent, broken, and black. Where bumblebees communed with flowers there is silence, because last week the dark fairy took them all. The tomato plants that were so strong and productive have met the same fate, along with all of the other plants that colored my summer life. Mourning doves no longer populate the phone wire. They have gone wherever they go to escape the dark fairy, and they didn’t take me with them, as my heart wished. In the doves’ place, blue jays cry raucously, and crows caw. Squirrels are obsessing with their preparations for the long months of cold. They dash around frantically, far too careless of cars in the street.
The fragrance of flowers and herbs is gone, replaced by painfully fresh air delivered in heavy sheets of wind, creating a carpet of crisp fallen leaves. The milkweed has burst and allowed its furry contents the freedom of the air. My butterflies have disappeared; they always know enough to leave before the arrival of the dark fairy.
The red cat that slept under the porch for protection, and ate the food I put out, is gone now. I hope he is comfortable in his little cubicle at the shelter, awaiting his human partner-to-be. My yard is empty wit

Ida J.
Ida J6 years ago


Ida J.
Ida J6 years ago


Faith B.
Faith Billingham6 years ago

My favorite time of year is right at the end of the summer, just as the leaves are about to change. Its beatiful weather, and there is just something in the air that really signifies change

Jos� Mar�a Olmos Sant

I think in fall "the old" of the past falls

Lady Kaira
None None7 years ago

Everyday is a new day, Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. Just live in the day and love the day I'm in.