Dry Skin’s Best Friend

While many cosmetics lines boast all sorts of exotic ingredients, from plant extracts to vitamins, proteins, essential oils, and other unique and scientific creations, it turns out that this simple ingredient may be the best friend for someone with dry skin:

Plain old glycerin, long known as a humectant, may be a best friend for someone with dry skin. Glycerin is present in all natural fats, whether animal or vegetable. Glycerin shores up the skinís natural protection by filling in the area known as the intercellular matrix and by attracting just the right amount of water to maintain the skinís homeostasis. Glycerin helps to keep bacteria out, moisture in, and the skinís surface smooth.

Vegetable glycerin is readily available in health food stores. Natureís Answer is one brand that is alcohol-free and made from coconut. Just dab some of the pure glycerin on a cotton ball or on your finger, and massage into dry skin. That is it!

Adapted from The Complete Beauty Bible, by Paula Begoun (Rodale Press, 2004). Copyright (c) 2004 by Paula Begoun. Reprinted by permission of Rodale Press.
Adapted from The Complete Beauty Bible, by Paula Begoun (Rodale Press, 2004).


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The best remedy for dry skin is of course Hydration (Water) even before you towel dry get a natural body butter Plug for Boots products as they have all natural body buttere with the real thing in them Very green products and the mango is as all their other fragranted butters, natural meaning real mango not artificial scents. Slather and work into the skin well why skin is still damps as this barrier locks in the moisture/hydration into the skin. And of course drink the amount of water your body needs as 8 glasses of water daily is a myth and not a one size fits all for what water intake each individual needs.

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