Duck is Man’s Best Friend (Video)


U.K. resident Barrie Hayman has an interesting bond with one of the ducks he breeds. The duck in question, Star, was shunned by his siblings as a child; Hayman then decided to raise the duck himself. Now, the pair go everywhere together — Star even rides in Hayman’s car and goes for walks in his town’s main street.

Hayman told the ITN News that, while he’s trained ducks for competition before, he hasn’t trained this one. What do you think about this? Is this a sweet, if unconventional, friendship? Or is Hayman’s treatment of Star unethical and inappropriate?


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Mary Cromley
.3 years ago

That is so sweet. Star seems to be a great pet.

Dainzu Arroyo
Dainy Arroyo4 years ago

Wow! How tender! God bless them both!

paul m.
paul m4 years ago

Nice one....

Melissa Franklin
Melissa F5 years ago

how cute!!!!

Tanya W.
Tanya W5 years ago

Nice story and friendship.

Jutta N.
Past Member 5 years ago

friendship is great thing

Jenepher O.
Jenepher O.5 years ago

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Teresa Cowley
Teresa Cowley5 years ago

I think the bond between the two is a wonderful thing!
They are happy in their companionship, and it works for them--it's great!

Jennifer C.
Past Member 5 years ago


Nimue Pendragon

Why would the writer ask "is Hayman's treatment of Star unethical and inappropriate"? Considering the man breeds ducks (and we all know where they end up) it's really something that he's befriended the lonely duck, it's lovely to see how other people react too.