Easter Day DIY Project: Candy Wrapper Barrettes

Did you know that Earth Day and Easter fall on the same weekend this year? That means little Easter baskets of candy will be showing up in homes all over the country.

Instead of tossing those wrappers in the trash, demonstrate your commitment to celebrate Earth Day EVERY day by fashioning your very own upcycled accessories to spruce up your holiday outfit!

The “trashy” folks over at TerraCycle are always looking for ways to keep waste out of the landfill by designing easy DIY projects that make reuse and recycling fun.

In this project they’ll show you how to dress up your Sunday best with this fun candy wrapper project. Start collecting those candy and gum wrappers and you’ll turn your Sour Patch into a sweet treat!

If you find yourself with more candy wrappers than you can upcycle on your own, sign up for TerraCycle’s candy wrapper Brigade. They’ll not only upcycle them into new products, but will also donate money to your favorite charity.

Ready to get crafty?

>>Up Next: Materials Needed


- candy or gum wrapper that is at least 5.5” long
- scissors
- ruler
- clear, shiny tape
- barrette with spring clip

>>Up Next: Instructions

1. Measure and cut four pieces of wrapper to these sizes: Cut one piece each: 5.5” x .5”; 4.5” x .5”; 3.5” x .5”; 1.5” x .5”

2. Create a loop with the longest piece and wrap a thin piece of tape around the middle of the piece pinching the center and creating two loops with the piece. Repeat this for the next two pieces.

3. Take the shortest piece and create a loop. Secure the loop with a piece of tape.

4. Stack all four pieces on top of each other with the shortest piece on top and ending with the longest piece.

5. Place the stacked pieces on top of the barrette. Place a piece of tape through the center of the shortest piece and wrap around the other pieces securing it onto the barrette.

Your sweet new hair accessory is ready for Easter day!

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China Holley
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Fun & Cute! :)

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Easy & cute,I must try this.Thanks for sharing

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Rather cleaver!!!

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this is a fun idea for a girls party any time of year.

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