15 Easy Raw Food Recipes

You don’t need special equipment and tons of time to make raw food. Check out these easy raw food recipes!

Raw food can seem a little bit intimidating, right? So many raw recipes call for special equipment and hours of preparation, it makes eating raw seem like something that’s just for folks with lots of time on their hands, but that doesn’t have to be true!

Sure, you can get yourself a food dehydrator and spend 8-12 hours making crackers, but if time is not your greatest commodity, that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the raw food action! Many raw food recipes seem like they take a long time to make, but a lot of that time is what I like to call “passive cooking.” You’re not really involved – the ingredients are just soaking or marinating, but you can be asleep or at work while that happens.

Why Raw?

Why even take the time to include more raw food in your diet? The answer is in the nutrients. When you cook food, it can destroy certain vitamins and minerals, and upping the raw, plant-based foods in your diet can even help prevent certain cancers.

When you think of raw food, you probably picture a lot of crudite and salads, but that’s not all that raw foodies eat! With a little bit of imagination, you can whip up all sorts of fun dishes from soups to pastas to tacos.

What is a Raw Diet?

Raw foodies generally agree that anything heated above 118F is not raw food, which is why a food dehydrator is a common tool in raw cooking. You cook the food at a very low temperature over a longer period of time to preserve the nutrients. In the spirit of keeping things simple, none of the recipes I’m listing require a food dehydrator.

You don’t have to eat a completely raw diet to eat more raw foods. Some folks strive to eat 50 percent raw, some go for 90 percent raw or even higher.

How much raw food you eat is really up to you, and so is how you get there. I’m a firm believer in small changes, so I’d try incorporating a few more raw dishes each week until you hit your goal. You’re going for a lifestyle change here, not a crash diet, and taking it slow sets you up for success.

Ready to try eating more raw food? Here are 15 east raw food recipes to get you started!

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15 Easy Raw Food Recipes

1. Raw kale salad. This simple kale salad is tasty and hearty. The kale wilts as it marinates, giving it a texture that’s very close to cooked kale.

2. Gazpacho. This cold summer soup comes together lickety split and is a great warm-weather dish.

3. Collard green wraps. Crunchy collards stuffed with a nutty filling – what’s not to love?

4. Raw strawberry pie – No baking required!

5. Raw granola – In a large bowl, combine rolled oats with raw almond butter and a bit of agave, adjusting to taste. You can add dried fruit to this, too! Spread into a pan and refrigerate for an hour, or up to overnight, then transfer to a storage container.

6. Lettuce wraps. These Asian-style lettuce wraps feature portobello mushrooms and jicama!

7. Raw pad Thai. An uncooked spin on my favorite Thai dish.

8. Pesto. Whipping up a raw pesto is easy peasy and delicious on chopped veggies. If you have a mandolin, you can cut zucchini and carrots into spirals to make “noodles.” Raw spaghetti squash also works well.

9. Stuffed mushrooms. You don’t have to put stuffed mushrooms in the oven. They make a tasty raw dish!

10. Tomato sauce. Check out this simple, tasty raw tomato sauce recipe.

11. Tacos. This raw taco recipe uses lettuce as the shell and a hearty, zesty filling. Yum!

12. Curried cream of carrot soup. Raw soup? Yep! Enjoy this raw soup fresh out of the blender, when it’s at its warmest. The speed of the blades heats the soup without actually cooking it.

13. Green smoothies. Treat yourself with a green smoothie! Combine fresh or frozen fruit with juice or raw nut milk and a few leaves of your favorite leafy green. Parsley is also surprisingly good in a smoothie. It adds a refreshing edge and thicken things up to almost a pudding-like consistency.

14. Raw “tapioca” pudding. Combine 1 cup of your favorite raw nut milk with 2 tablespoons of chia seeds and 1 tablespoon of maple syrup. Stir well, and let it sit for at least an hour. The seeds plump up and you’re left with a delicious pudding.

15. Guacamole. Chop up 1 Haas avocado, 1/2 of a red onion, minced jalapeno, and a tomato. Toss together with the juice of 1 lime, and you’re ready to dip fresh veggies into some super tasty guac.

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