Easy Steps to Bring Meditation Into Daily Life

Having a regular meditation practice has been shown to have significant benefits to a healthy life — less stress, more flexibility, more connectedness with others (even immunity from certain diseases). I’ve noticed, as a long-time meditation teacher that finding or making time to sit can be difficult for many people. I have two suggestions. First, try sitting for at least three minutes of meditation each day. Everyone has three minutes — to just sit, relax, let go of your list of things to do, your comparisons. For three minutes, just let yourself breathe; just appreciate being alive.

Another practice is a way to bring meditation into our busy lives that can be done throughout the day — while sitting down for a meal, while in your car, or as you are sitting at your computer, or even at work before a meeting begins. It is a four-step practice that takes a total of about fifteen seconds (once you have practiced it a few times.) It contains four simple steps. Each step can be done in a few moments.

1. Breathe: when you exhale, see and visualize your breath, swirling down into the earth.

2. Gravity: pay attention to gravity. It is gravity that keeps you on the ground, on the earth. Also, notice how gravity pulls at your chin. Just notice.

3. Energy: your body is an energy field. The temperature all around your body is influenced by the heat and energy your body produces. Just notice this for a moment; paying attention to your front, sides and back.

4. Quality: think of a quality you want more of in your life; whatever it might be; one word or one phrase and let yourself bring up the name of this quality. Give your attention to this quality for a moment.

That’s it. Simple. You can do this once a day, or 10 times a day. Try it a few times slowly; then repeat.

Oh, and don’t forget about the three minutes of meditation.


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