Easy Vegan Meal Prep Ideas that You’ll Love

What do you do if you want to be healthy, but you don’t have a whole lot of time? Hiring a vegan chef is one way around the problem, but let’s face it: unless you’re Ellen or Oprah that’s not going to happen.

Your only option is to embrace the art of meal prep. I know, I know, it sounds very Martha Stewart, but it’s actually not that hard. And it can even be fun. (Especially when you learn the basics from the super cute Happy Pear twins.)

What Does Vegan Meal Prep Entail?

Some folks like making a bunch of the same meals and freezing them. Others prefer to prepare the main ingredients (grains, beans, chopped veg, etc.), and then build their meals the night before.

If you’re new to this meal prep business, you may want to try both approaches to get a feel for which one works better for you. Whichever you go with, making sure you’re properly nourished is one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

Vegan Breakfast on the Go

Easy Vegan Meal Prep Ideas that You'll Love

It’s seems like the entire Internet has gone overnight oats crazy. And with good reason. It’s such a versatile, quick, easy, nutritious and filling meal to kickstart your day with. (Especially if you have it with coffee.)

Measure out the dry ingredients in advance, add your favorite vegan milk the night before and top with fruit in the morning. Take a look at these vegan soaked oats recipes for inspiration.

Vegan Pro Tip: You dont have to use milk, water works perfectly fine, too.

The Dinner and Lunch Two-for-One

Easy Vegan Meal Prep Ideas that You'll Love

If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen after work —maybe it’s your catch-up and connect time— then use the opportunity to make some lunch for the next day while you’re at it.

You could double up and eat the same thing again or make a variation of dinner for lunch. It’s up to you.

Vegan Pro Tip: Dry roast sweet potato wedges and sprinkle them with cinnamon for an afternoon snack.

Have the Basics on Hand

Easy Vegan Meal Prep Ideas that You'll Love

The hardest part about making a meal is deciding what to have. You can avoid that by making sure you always some cooked rice, quinoa and beans in the fridge.

That way, all you have do is prepare some vegetables to add to them. If you have leftover veggies, save them for you next meal.

Vegan Pro Tip: Having a tasty vegan salad dressing or sauce on hand can mean the difference between an average meal and a truly great one.

Avoid Empty Fridge Syndrome

Easy Vegan Meal Prep Ideas that You'll Love

Finding the time to go grocery shopping can be tricky, especially when you have deadlines looming, kids that need fetching and friends to meet for mojitos.

You need to make the time. An empty fridge is asking for trouble. That’s when you end up spending way too much money (and ingesting way too many calories) on takeout food.

Grocery shopping on the weekend isn’t fun, but it’s worth the effort. Especially if you shop for the week and not just the following day.  Decide what you’d like to eat, make a grocery list and hit the store. Get there early, so you’ll miss the crowds.

Vegan Meal Prep Inspiration

Now that you have a better idea of what vegan meal prep entails and how to go about it, it’s time for some culinary inspiration. YouTube is full of gung-ho vegans offering their takes on meal prep. While it’s great to have so much to choose from, it can also be overwhelming.

Start with these videos, and see if anything grabs your fancy. If, say, you really enjoy the Happy Pear, stick with them. It goes back to the theory of avoiding choice overwhelm.

 Video: Vegan Rainbow Meal Prep by The Happy Pear

Breakfast: rainbow chia seed pudding

Lunch: turmeric falafel, spinach hummus and beetroot flatbread, and salad

Dinner: roasted medley of veg with tempeh and sweet potato

The Happy Pear doesnt have a link to these specific recipes, but youll definitely be able to make them just by watching the video. These guys are all about making food prep as easy as possible. Be sure to check out their website for more vegan inspiration.

Video: 4-Day High Protein Vegan Meal Plan by Fit Men Cook

Breakfast: creamy apple pie smoothie

Lunch: spicy peanut butter tempeh with rice and slaw

Snack: high protein snack pot with edamame beans and peas

Dinner: veggie balls and spaghetti

You can get the full recipes on the Fit Men Cook website.

Video: 6 Vegan Lunch Meal Preps by Tasty

Lunch #1: easy vegan pasta salad

Lunch #2: crunchy Thai salad

Lunch #3: whole roasted cauliflower

Lunch #4: Buddha bowl meal prep

Lunch #5: one-pot Mexican quinoa with avocado dressing

Lunch #6: chickpea salad sandwich

You can get the full recipes on the Tasty website.

Bonus Video: The Happy Pear’s Bounty Bars

Prepare these delicious bounty bars for an evening of Netflix downtime. Go on, you deserve it after your epic week of vegan meal prep!

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