Weeds: Eat Them or Nip Them in the Bud

Weeds are beginning to pop up all over our lawns and gardens, and millions of people use chemical herbicides to control them–which can damage both the environment and our health. But there are two great alternatives to using toxic chemicals to deal with weeds.

Find out how eating some kinds of weeds may be the best thing for you. And if you donít want to eat them, we offer several tried-and-true ways to get rid of them, safely and n/aturally. Itís all right here:

1. Eat Your Weeds

According to Susun Weed, an herbalist and wise woman, weeds are far more nourishing than many of the foodstuffs on the market today, and they are also powerful healers. Take a look at her Wise Woman Herbal for the best weeds to eat for better health and healing.

Robert K. Henderson, author of The Neighborhood Forager, agrees, and mentions dandelions, especially, as a once-prized source of high-quality nutrition and healing power. Read more about dandelions and see his recipes for delicious dandelion appetizers here.

Just be sure your weeds havenít been treated with chemicals for at least a year, and that your neighborsí sprays arenít drifting over to your lawn.

2. Nip Weeds in the Bud

It has been recently discovered that corn gluten contains a substance that inhibits root growth in weed seedlings. You can find out more about a great–and totally environmentally safe–new weed-killing product at Safe NíSimple Lawn Care Products.

And here are some other great ideas for homemade non-toxic weed control formulas:

This Poison-Ivy Killer Formula
will kill just about any plant it comes in contact with (so do be careful where you spritz it!).

Or you could make this Sidewalk Weed Controller.

For more information on organic lawn care, you could also go to Organic Lawn Care for the Cheap and Lazy!

By the Care2 Staff.


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Thank you for sharing.

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what a waste...if people do not take advantage of what grows naturally...

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Many people who have ever heard of poke salad may have wondered what it was: poke is another word for dandelion greens.

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Weeds are often edible and tasty in salads or for a weedy veggie of sorts. Love to find all the edible ones and try them out as they often have a lot of benefits.

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