Eco-Friendly, Native California Landscaping

I had a friend ask about re-landscaping her yard with native and drought-tolerant plants, and while I feel like I steered her in the right direction, I also felt like I didn’t know as many options off the top of my head as I wanted to. I know that lavender and sage are popular and need very little water, but I don’t think they’re native; and I know there are lots of pretty, hearty grasses on the market, but have no idea what their names are; and I think artichokes are utterly fabulous plants (and I like to eat them too), but I don’t know how much water they need; so I decided to do some research and come up with some good options for eco-friendly landscaping here in Northern California.

Turns out I knew several plants by sight, but not by name, that are native to California and also drought tolerant (the two often go hand in hand here); and I learned that artichokes are neither native to California (they are from the Mediterranean) nor drought resistant.

slender hairgrass

Slender Hairgrass - I am a big fan of clumped native grasses. From

farewell to spring herald of summer

Farewell to Spring, Herald of Summer - Is there anything more that we need to like about this plant than its name? From

chaparral false bindweed

Chaparral False Bindweed - This is from the morning gory family. I've loved this flower since I was a kid. From

live forever

Live Forever - This one likes rocky outcroppings and attracts butterflies when in bloom. From

california aster

California Aster - I've seen this one growing all over the place and like the way it fills in, especially in a large garden or hillside. From

Sandhill Sage

Sandhill Sage - Gorgeous color! - from

white sagebrush

White Sagebrush - I see this one in lots of neighborhood yards and quite like it. From


Sandgrass - This is so beautiful when it blows in the breeze. From

purple needle grass

Purple Needle Grass - Wild California grasses are so gorgeous. From

wild mock orange

Wild Mock Orange - Is there anything more fabulous than orange blossoms?

Native California Plant Resources: – Drought resistant native California plants – Native California plants – Resource site with software that will help you or your landscaper design your entire yard in native plants, taking into account that the same plant may not like your front and backyard equally, due to sun exposure, soil content and other factors. – Resource and listing of native plants, not just for California

Wildflower suppliers in California

I share this viewpoint on native landscaping that, “Taming is not the operative word, rather living with, experiencing, and enjoying the vitality of a native garden instead.” –

As I sit in my backyard garden while I type this, I’m looking around thinking just where all of these fabulous plants will fit.

-Jocelyn Broyles


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