Eco-Friendly Wall Finishes

Photo  of American Clay Wall Finishing by  Peter Valli

By Erica Sofrina, Author, Teacher Speaker and founder of the West Coast Academy of Feng Shui

Feng Shui embraces the art of conscious living which aligns our inner space with our outer environment. It is called mindful living.

Green design is in complete alignment with Feng Shui. Both promote honoring the Earth and leaving a lighter imprint and acknowledge that the earth is a living organism with finite resources and must be protected and honored as such. Feng Shui was the original purveyor of reduce, recycle, reuse, which is exactly what green design is about. The exciting news is that you can now find beautiful products that anyone would love to have in their home, and be a responsible “green” consumer!

In this fourth article of my series on the Green Home Remodel, I continue my conversation with Diana Zamudio, Owner and Founder of eco-6 design. Diana is a specialist in Green Design as well as Feng Shui and is the teacher for the Green Design Program at my West Coast  Feng Shui Academy.

Previously we discussed eco-friendly flooring, and eco-friendly counter tops, along with an overview of a Green Home Remodel. Today we will discuss eco-friendly wall finishes.

In the following Q & A, I asked Diana about the eco-friendly wall finishes that she recommends the most.

Q. Can you tell me about the eco-friendly wall finishing products on the market that you are the most excited about?

A. There are three products that I work with all of the time that are wonderful products and look beautiful as well. The first one is a water-based acrylic latex paint by Mythic Paint.  Here are the key features of this great product for people who are looking for the most green paint product around:

Mythic Paint:



  • Has a beautiful palette of colors available.
  • A water-based acrylic latex paint.
  • Mythic paint is the only true non-toxic, zero-VOC paint on the market today.
  • It is made with a resin that does not contain any solvents such as crystalline silica, ethylene glycol or carcinogens.
  • Mythic has 26 patents on their resin.
  • The resin was originally developed at the University of Mississippi and used in the Pentagon after 9-11.
  • Nothing in Mythic paint is on the prop 65 list. (CA list of “bad things”).
  • Mythic gets you 2 percent of the 20 percent required LEED points on new builds.  LEED= Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design.
  • Mythic is manufactured in a zero discharge facility.
  • Mythic is manufactured in a ISO Certified plant (International Organization for Standardization)
  • Mythic cures in 1 week.  Other paints cure in 30 Days.

The cost of 1 gallon is between $40-$50. It averages about $.11 per square foot.

People used to live and play outside more than they do now.  Because people are indoors more than ever before means we need to be using healthier products in our homes. In terms of allergies and asthma, people born in the 30-40’s have a 0 percent asthma / allergy rate. People born in the 50-60’s have a 20 percent asthma / allergy rate. Babies born now have a 40 percent asthma rate by the time they are adults.

The second product that I highly recommend is American Clay. It is a beautiful product with a wonderful earthiness to it. Here are the key features of American Clay:

American Clay has many wonderful applications

American Clay:

  • American Clay earth plasters are a natural, environmentally friendly way to finish any interior.
  • Non-toxic and made in the USA.
  • Great alternative to cement, acrylic and lime plasters, offering superior color, richness, textures and depth not found with other finishes.
  • There are 3 different clays:
  • Loma – a rustic feel with matte colors and organic surfaces.
  • Marittimo – soft colors and speckled sheen shimmer like the ocean
  • Porcelina – smooth surface and complex colors mimic the highly polished, opulent marble of the old world.

The price per square foot for materials depends on the clay that is used. For Loma it averages $1.25 for materials, Marittimo $1.35 per sf. Porcelina $1.45. You can do it yourself or hire a certified American Clay installer.

Another lovely application of American Clay

The third product is a fabulous product called Tobias Stucco. It is opulent and elegant with a soft wax seal finish that makes the walls look incredible. The key features of Tobias Stucco are:

Tobias Stucco adds a wonderful, soft sensuality to the walls

Tobias Stucco:

  • A limestone and sand based product that is non-toxic, odor-free and VOC-free, offered in Pure and Classic formulas.
  • Both are gypsum based products.
  • Pure is made with neutral aggregate.
  • Classic is made with multi-colored aggregate.
  • There are natural stains, metallic stains, waxes, sealers and primers offered.
  • An alternative to plaster and paint.
  • Lower overall cost (labor & materials)
  • Machine or hand apply.

The price per 5 gallon is $191, averages out to $.55 per sf coverage.

Q. Where can we get these products?

A. You can get them directly from the manufacturers, or from a green home products specialty store such as mine. Some mainstream stores may carry Mythic Paint, but unfortunately you cannot get the other products at most retailers. If enough of the public asks for them, they will see the benefit in carrying them.  I carry all of these products and more at my store eco6 design. If you go to our website at, you can look at samples of all of the products I talk about along with a photo gallery of how I have used them in my home designs. We will also ship any of our products directly to the customer.

For more articles on the Green Home Remodel with Diana Zamudio please see:

The author, Erica Sofrina, offers a Green Design program at her Feng Shui Academy. For more on her Green Design program please visit her web site. She can be reached at


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