Effects of Awareness

There is more self-control in letting go than in trying to control one’s body by force. Your condition depends on the state of your awareness. Your mind is deeply influencing your body.

Imagine that your awareness is like a violin string. The string can play any kind of note, high or low, depending on where you place your finger. In conventional medicine, only the notes count–a huge amount of time is spent just killing the abnormal white cells. But you could just change your position on the string. Then you wouldn’t be destroying anything; you would be creating a new reality, complete with new notes.

“Are you saying that feeling good makes my illness regress?” If feeling good is part of healing, then yes, that is what I am saying. It’s not really a matter of your moods. Naturally your moods swing during the course of a serious illness–you can feel happy or despondent, hopeful or hopeless without warning.

Underlying these unpredictable mood swings is your quantum level of awareness, which has become disturbed. Changes in this level of awareness are what bring about changes in mood; if your deep awareness shifts, your moods will follow like a weather vane. We should also expect to see similar indications in your body.

Adapted from Perfect Health: The Complete Mind/Body Guide, by Deepak Chopra, M.D. (Harmony Books, 1990)


Melania Padilla
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Your state of mind and attitude can definitely affect your health.

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Nils Lunde
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Aurea Walker

The Romans had it figured out 2,500 years ago. "E' corporo mente, e' corporo sano

Harley Williams
Harley W5 years ago

Thousands of years ago this truth was summed up.

Pro 17:22 A merry heart doeth good [like] a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. KJV

It was true then and it still is. We need peace of heart and mind. JESUS gave that to me. My talks and prayers to him help me to keep it. Peace to all with love.