8-Year-Old Raises Over $500 for Homeless Animals

A third grade girl in Florida, named Sophia Biddle, raised $522 for animals in the months before Christmas. Sophia was able to use the money to buy about $1,000 worth of pet food, toys, and treats with the help of coupons. All the animal gifts she acquired with the help of her mother, were donated to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. (Last year Sophia Biddle sold some of her toys online and raised $356 to purchase gifts for children who otherwise wouldn’t have had any.)

Some time after she heard about the Humane Society, she started raising money and making bookmarks to give to donors for the animals. She also had a fundraising booth at her school. Thank you notes were her last project for donors before she had finished the campaign.

The tough economic times have impacted animal shelters greatly. In Jupiter, FL an animal shelter was actually misreported in a news article to have closed due to financial difficulties. For Christmas it received a pickup truck load of pet food and other supplies due to a grant made by the John Tesh Foundation.

Some animal shelters are in desperate need because food donations have decreased drastically. Last February it was reported the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Los Angeles had experienced a ninety percent drop in food donations.

Another factor contributing to extra animals at shelters is the Christmas Pet Syndrome. Puppies and kittens purchased as Christmas gifts sometimes wind up at animal shelters when new owners realize they didn’t understand all the responsibilities, and don’t want to take care of them.

The main cause of pet overpopulation is lack of awareness about the importance of neutering and spaying pets so they don’t have large litters, which owners can’t care for and drop at shelters, or they go feral and may continue reproducing. The state of Florida offers a spay and neuter vehicle license plate which is supposed to help reduce pet overpopulation.

Perhaps next year, Sophia will lead a campaign to raise awareness about the value that spaying and neutering has in reducing the number of starving and homeless animals.

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Gloria picchetti
Gloria picchetti5 years ago

If there were more children like Sophia we wouldn't have stories about all the animal cruelty we read this week. Thank you Sophia.

Kat Head
Katherine H5 years ago

thank you Sophia! i'm trying to raise money to do the same thing for my local shelters... it's not working as well as hers though, i've only got $300 oh well

Kerrie G.
Kerrie G5 years ago

What a wonderful story! Thankyou lovely lady! :)

C.M Padget
Carolyn Padget5 years ago

Just goes to show that one can contribute. Anyone can make a difference.

Past Member 5 years ago

thank you hunny it is good that she did this maybe more kids will get involved now

Tim Cheung
Tim C5 years ago


tetyana polischuk
tetyana p5 years ago

God bless you, Sofia!

antonia maestre
antonia maestre5 years ago

I want to be just like this kid when I grow up!!!!

Colleen Wright
Colleen W5 years ago

This is a young lady that deserves the brightest future ever!

K Rose
Kirsty Fielding5 years ago

Aww amazing! If a child as young as 8 can raise money for animals and have so much care, then why can't most adults? It just shows that anyone can help a cause if they want to.