Elect Your Energy

Did you know that the political process is a prime opportunity for spiritual advancement? If we truly understand the concept of oneness and unity, we know that those individuals from the opposite party are not our enemies, but our teachers. They challenge us to find our own voice and to look into our hearts for what we believe in. It is our choice as to whether we are speaking with courage, or whining a pathetic song. Do you think your dog or cat cares if you are liberal or conservative? Animals care about what’s in our hearts.

What most of us don’t understand is that our emotions surrounding the candidates and political process may be as important as our vote. Life is not what it seems. All that exists is made of energy, so it’s important to know what empowers us, and what weakens us. Every situation we face is an opportunity to evolve as a human being. As each of us chooses to stay positive, all creatures are positively affected.

The political process is designed to divide us, but if this happens, nobody wins. Can we face our suffering, work toward what we believe in, speak our truth and hold the space of non-judgment? I believe the answer is yes. We can come from completely opposite perspectives, yet have compassion and respect for one another. Do you see that you can work tirelessly to defeat candidates you believe will not benefit this country and hope they find joy and peace in their lives? This is where strength truly exists.

You’ll note that I haven’t mentioned any party affiliation, because this works both ways! The wonder of energetic living is that none of us has to budge an inch on what we believe in. We don’t even have to meet in the middle. If each of us powerfully chooses to live in a country that stands for peace, equality and freedom, then we are energetically “setting an intention” for those principles to emerge. It doesn’t matter what our political affiliation is, and who is “right” and who is “wrong”. If this intention is done from a place of non-judgment and an open heart, the ideology is irrelevant. The intention must manifest.

But if we come from the perspective that the other party is made of greedy, self-absorbed ignorant morons, etc, etc, then the underlying energy of negativity will create our new reality. The best way to keep our causes from manifesting is to hate those who don’t agree with us. We will stay divided, and will manifest more division. This philosophy does not mean that we tolerate abuse and cruelty. We must act against it and view the perpetrators with compassion in order to completely end the cycle of violence on the planet.

I’m not saying this is easy! It’s difficult to watch the endless negative, inflammatory television commercials. But we must transform our anger into awareness and positive action. We don’t want to hide from our emotions, but we don’t want to hold onto bitter victimhood either. The best way for a party to lose an election is for the individuals to see themselves as victims of the evil bullies. If we play in that drama, we stay in that drama. There are no bullies when there are no victims.

So, as we head down the wire into November, I ask that you value all people, no matter what they believe. It is through this space that activism is most effective, and we All benefit.


Emma S.
Emma S3 years ago

This was a timely find! Thank you.

Victoria L.
Victoria L6 years ago

I wish more people utilized the right to vote in our country...there are people all around the world who can only WISH they had that type of say in appointing decision-makers and leaders.

Krasimira B.
Krasimira B7 years ago

Read, thank you.

Frederick G.
Frederick G.7 years ago

beauty bird

Tori W.
Past Member 7 years ago

Very kind thoughts. But I have found greed exists in both parties, not just one. Neither is the enemy and the question is not "can we?" but "will we?" Will we have faith and try to make a difference? Will we clear away the negative and vote accordingly? Will we trust everyone to act without any greed? This is a good approach with very kind thoughts and effective. Can we be certain that everyone will accept this premise and act as their better natures dictate? I can't really say.

Ruth R.
Ruth R7 years ago

Thank You. Good thinking and timing for the post.

gerlinde p.
gerlinde p7 years ago

thankss for the reminder

Rachel R.
Rachel R7 years ago

Voting is so important! You're going to end up with some of the candidates so vote for those your prefer! Don't like any of them? Get together with some people you respect and change the system!

Debbie W.
Past Member 7 years ago

I love this article, so eloquently stating the facts. United we stand, divided we fall (we are more alike, really, than different) and our combined energy can accomplish great things. State your views, absorb others, research the candidates, their platform, past record of accomplishments and failures, then vote with purpose and see what happens.

Max Overton
Max Overton7 years ago

This fits in so well with the other article "75 things you didn't know you could compost" - number 76 - politicians.