Electrified Roads May Prevent Animal Collisions

Wildlife walking near Tassajara Creek in San Luis Obispo County, CA will be given a mild shock if they walk on four roads leading to a four lane highway. Electrified pads have been installed in road surfaces to deter large wild animals like bears and deer from walking over the highway 101 corridor where eight bears and many more deer have been struck by cars and killed in the last five years. Collisions with large animals result in significant damage to motorists, their vehicles, and of course the animals who most often do not survive. (They also sometimes die slowly and painfully without any medical intervention.)

A study conducted by the USDA found electrified ground mats can be effective deterrents against wild deer movement: “Intrusions of deer across a prototype electronic mat were reduced an average of 95% from pretreatment levels.” (Source: USDA.gov)

Solar panels are the energy source for the animal shocking system made up of Electro Mats. Wildlife fencing is also being installed to replace barbed wire, and several escape ramps will be built so the animals don’t get stuck in between the fencing and roads. Total cost of the project is $500,000. While it may sound steep, if you factor in the potential cost of human and animal lives from collisions that might be prevented, it will likely be a sound investment. Not to mention the cost of emergency personnel when collisions occur. (Even a relatively short medi-vac helicopter ride can cost $5,000.)

The project isn’t the first in the US to use the technology. A similar system was installed at a New Mexico location where there was a high rate of animal collisions, in 2007. The New Mexico system can deliver a 6,000-7,000 volt shock for 3/10,000th of a second, though voltage of the California system hasn’t been stated. The Electro Mats in California will not shock people when they drive over them in a car, or walk over wearing shoes. It can shock people walking barefoot, but it is not harmful — only briefly painful. One would hope the system will include motion detectors and video cameras to record wild animal behavior where the electrified pads are to document their effectiveness.

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Terry Vanderbush
Terry V6 years ago

MAY bing the key word

Terry Vanderbush
Terry V6 years ago

MAY bing the key word

Yvonne S.
Yvonne S7 years ago

I can't see the government here (in the UK) allowing money to spent on doing this, but I think it's a good idea.

cristiana t.
cristiana t7 years ago


Marian D.
Marian D7 years ago

The county I live in has started building tunnels for wildlife that will go under the highways that seem to be the most dangerous. What I would like to know is how they plan on getting the wildlife to use them. Will they post signs in animal language? Will they have guides for them? This just seems like a huge waste of money, but I would love to see it work for the animals sake.

Vera Y.
Vera Yuno7 years ago

Electrify your ass, you should stop building highways in the lands that belong to animals.

marcel fallous
marcel fallous7 years ago

Tout ces créatures sauvages resteront toujours vulnérables
à tout changement que les humains vont apporter,déplacer
un problème d'un endroit à l'autre ne règlerait jamais les pertes
de vies tant que les terres sauvages resteront des pistes
de cource./

Catherine Turley
Catherine Turley7 years ago

i hope florida considers the same thing to save the panthers.

John S.
Past Member 7 years ago

I guess it's better than getting run over.

Carol Cowbrough
Carol C7 years ago

Noted. Thank you.