Emergent Spiritual Properties

The key to true transformation is that nature doesnít move forward in step-by-step movements. It takes quantum leaps all the time, and when it does, old ingredients arenít simply recombined. Something new appears in creation for the first time, an emergent property.

The wetness of water is a perfect example of an emergent property. In a universe without water, wetness canít be derived by shuffling around properties that already exist. Shuffling only produces change; it isnít sufficient for transformation. Wetness had to emerge as something completely new in creation.

Every chemical bond produces an emergent property. Your body, which is bonding millions of molecules every second, depends on transformation. Breathing and digestion, to mention just two processes, depends on transformation. Air entering your lungs combines in thousands of ways to produce cells that have never existed before in just the way they exist in you.

The sugar extracted from an orange travels to the brain and fuels your thought. The emergent property in this case is the newness of the thought: No molecules in the history of the universe ever combined to produce that result.

If transformation is the norm, then spiritual transformation falls into place as an extension of where life has been going all along. While still remaining who you are, you can bring about a quantum leap in your awareness, and the sign that that leap is real will be some emergent property you never experienced in the past.

Adapted from The Book of Secrets, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2004).


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I think that transformational changes are only observed in retrospect. While we are transforming, in relation to ways we define and experience ourselves, we are totally involved in the motion of it.Then when that level of transformation considers itself complete we notice those incremental gains. All the minute steps in the process that make the whole level aren't observed because our attention must be focused outward so we don't tie ourselves up. A good example of these transformations are the great ones that encompass the life stages. Infant becomes toddler becomes young child, becomes adolescent, becomes adult, becomes old ; only looking back we wonder when exactly these changes took place.

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