Empower Your Relationship to Money

” The greatest wealth is contentment.” Dhammapada

I am consistently hearing people discuss the possibility of another Wall Street market crash and a return to their financial fears for survival that most Americans experienced in 2008. There are ways to prepare for such a condition both as a country and what we ask of our government and in our personal lives with a practice that provides us great insight into the realities of our relationship to money.

To better comprehend this relationship I recommend that people begin a yoga and meditation practice. One feeds the other as a way to live in the present with an awareness of our true nature, not necessarily the personality we show to the public, but the nature of our true thoughts and emotions. Such a practice can empower your relationship to money by teaching you how to:

  • become aware of whether you spend money out of necessity or greed.
  • ease the pain of not having the money you crave.
  • make choices with clarity and awareness.
  • enjoy the pleasure of having money without attachment to wanting more.
  • open to acceptance and joy for what you have in the moment.
  • let go of your greed and to give generously to others.
  • awaken you to know when you have enough.

Interested to learn more? Then take a moment to sit quietly. Have a notebook nearby to write any insights you might have. Now bring your focus to your breath and count backward, slowly, from 10 to 1, letting go of all tension in your shoulders and lower back. Release the tension in your jaw and facial muscles.

Notice the thoughts that arise concerning money, without engaging them or becoming involved with the emotion they elicit. Ask yourself the following questions one at a time. Stay with the question and observe the thoughts that come up in relation to your answers. Take a moment to write your answers in your notebook and then return to sitting for the next question.

  1. Do I make enough money to meet my needs? (This means that your bills are paid, you have a place to live, food to eat, and money for entertainment.)
  2. How much money do I think will make me happy?
  3. Do I work just to make money?
  4. What do I spend my money on?
  5. How much money do I contribute to help others?
  6. What is my greatest fear concerning money?
  7. What would I do it I lost every penny I have?
  8. What would I do if I won a million dollars?


This type of exercise can reveal the truth about how you think and feel about money. Careful not to judge yourself too harshly if surprised with what you learn. In the case of winning the lottery, it is interesting to note that it has never proven to ease the suffering of the winner. There are many tragic stories about lottery winners and how their millions only made them more miserable in the end, causing the many who did not win to secretly feel better. In the Dhammapada, Buddha taught that “Fine words or fine features cannot make a master out of a jealous and greedy man. Only when envy and selfishness are rooted out of him may he grow in beauty.”

5 Ways to Change Your Relationship with Money


Loo Samantha
Loo sam5 years ago


Mary Beth M.
MaryBeth M5 years ago

An interesting concept. The more generous you are with your money and resources, the less you will have to worry about money. True.

Miriam W.
miriam w5 years ago

I've always known that if I won the lottery that I'd be ok (I wouldn't self destruct) I live quite simply and most of the things I want are not things that can be bought. money is a tool. I would use it to give myself more time to do the thing I enjoy doing and be with the people that I want to be with. everything else is gravy.

Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Ann M.
Ann M5 years ago

American greed rules us all. Now it's ruling China, go figure. Most of us are getting less contributing to their getting more. I have a new rule...is is a want or a need? At my age, most are wants, yet I find that in today's world, I still don't have enough money for most of my wants so I concentrate on the needs. I thought that by retirement, I would be fat and happy and satisfied with my income. NOT SO. I keep meeting seniors working low paying jobs to make ends meet and wonder what will happen when I'm on the social security wheel.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton5 years ago

Money has become the new "god" in America. It's gotten out of control. The greedy rich people will stop at nothing to get more money. They don't care who they kill, who they poison, who they send to hell holes to be killed for nothing (but not THEIR kids), how much they pollute the earth. They refuse to put the brakes on their greed and they are taking down the world fast. Soon money won't matter, because we won't have any clean water and our crops will dry up. They have poisoned all our food and soon everybody will be born autistic. We are all going to die a slow, painful death. It's starting already, people are getting cancer younger and younger. Children, the most vulnerable, will suffer the most.

iii q.
g d c5 years ago


Elizabeth Brawn
Elizabeth Brawn6 years ago

thank you, noted

Akin Adelakun
Akin Adelakun6 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Hugh Mcintyre
Hugh Mcintyre6 years ago

great article!