Endangered Whale Meat Sold on Yahoo! Japan

A report from the non-governmental organization, Environmental Investigation Agency, says over 130 tons of Icelandic fin whale meat has been transported to Japan and is being sold on Yahoo! Japan.

“At a time when the US Government is applying international pressure to force an end to Icelandís whaling and international trade, Yahoo! Japan is effectively encouraging further hunting of the species by selling endangered fin whale meat products on its website,Ē said Clare Perry who works for EIA. (Source: Seattle Post-Intelligence)

Fin whales live in waters in many parts of the world and there are separate populations by ocean and by region. Some of their populations have been driven to very low numbers and others are believed to be at somewhat sustainable levels. Because of the variance in population levels and wide distribution, a number of estimates have been made, but some of the numbers are in dispute. There might be as many as 30,000 in the North Atlantic, but before whaling really took off, there were far more.† From 1987 to 2007 because of the large decline, Iceland only commercially harvested seven fin whales. However, in the last two years that number has jumped to 273. Some of the meat from these fin whales is being exported to Japan and sold online.

Buying food products online can be a curious experience due to the fact the consumer might not know the details about their origin or conditions in which they were grown or harvested. Though whale meat might have been used for a long time in Japan, many of the whales previously used were from Japan’s own whale hunts, so there was a local or regional knowledge of the process. In this case, globalization and e-commerce are at work to make it possible for such dubious – if not reprehensible – hunting activities to take place. It is now possible for unaware online shoppers to unknowingly contribute to the destruction of wild animals and habitats simply by clicking buttons and purchasing online items. Today it is even more important to carefully research potential consumer purchases to help avoid unintended consequences.

Image Credit: Public Domain

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Cheryl B.
Cheryl B5 years ago


Cheryl B.
Cheryl B5 years ago


Kye J.
michelle m6 years ago

Our stupid gutless Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard(useless dumb bitch) and her labor arseholes should send our Navy and border patrol boats out to blow these Japanese whale killing scum out of the water.Instead we are pandering to these law breaking animal murderers.I advocate raiding this Jap vessel, rescuing our 3 champions and thentorpedo the Japs boat, blowing it and its crew into 50 million pieces.At all costs the world must proect the whales and dolphins.Lets hunt and chomp on Japanes whale/ dolphin murderers meat.Give them some of their own medicine YUUUMMM.I wish the tsunami had wiped these bastards off the planet

Diane L.
Diane L6 years ago

Still a huge issue, folks! It was on last night's news with a live feed from The Steve Irwin, interview with Paul Watson, as a Japanese WARSHIP, complete with guns was still trailing them and trying to stop the SSCS from interfering with what they are STILL claiming to be legitimate research! Research, MY ASS! Watson is amazed that the Australian Government is allowing an armed warship to navigate in THEIR waters and to take Australian citizens back to Japan illegally. The Australian government should hang it's head in shame for their lack of stepping up to the plate.

I've even heard that Japan is trying to file a lawsuit against Washington State because supposedly, the SSCS is based in the San Juan Islands. Well, Watson is a Canadian citizen, and The Steve Irwin sails under the flag of another country, so does the Bob Barker and the speedboat is privately owned by an Australian or a NZ'er.

Terry V.
Terry V6 years ago

And why in the hell would you buy this off the internet? Stupid people do stupid things.

tammy B.
tammy B6 years ago

We do need to send a message to Yahoo Japan that this type of commerce should be stopped.

Leslie P.
Leslie P.6 years ago

I agree totallly with Gary C. since the Japanese are the true money mongers and environmental rapists!!! How many times has the Sea Sheperd and their crew been criticized for trying to stop the Nishan Maru and its sister ships from pillaging the oceans and slaughtering endangered whales for their meat just so their greedy population can feast on it while telling the world their doing "RESEARCH"!!!!!

When the Tsunami happened in Japan this past year, I did sympathize with their people, but had to laugh at this country raising money for them when Japan is one of the wealthiest nations on this planet! And, by the way, how much money did they send us when we had all our natural disasters in the US this past summer????

Their culture has little to no respect for anything species than can use for "food" - endagered or not. Let's not forget the blue fin tuna which their palets favor for Sushi!!! And, what about the dolphins who are gathered up by the Japanese each year and sold to companies for exploitation? Well, I guess we should consider them the lucky ones since the thousands of others who don't meet their standard are taken to a cove and NEEDLESSLY SLAUGHTERED while crying and trying to escape??????

And these people are to be admired for their CULTURE? Give me a break - wake up and see what barbarians these people really are!

Maryann Birdsall
Maryann Birdsall6 years ago

what a sad world we live in and Japan just sucks for the whole Dolphin and Whale slaughters...KARMA.

Gary C.
Gary C6 years ago

I'm now real happy that I've only ever used yahoo rarely and only when I really had to. This shows that they are nothing more than another dirty money-grubbing pack of morons calling themselves a company.And everthing about how Japan rapes and pillages the oceans and seas and fish and seafood stinks , just like their bull ess aitch one tee [spell it out] whale research .. All whaling has to stop and companies and people dealing in whale products are only adding to and facillitating this horrid cruel practise....

Jutta N.
Past Member 6 years ago

And Yahoo don't control it?