Energizing Benefits of Adding Dandelion Root to Your Morning Tonic

Coffee is wonderful—a true gift to productivity—but it can be easy to overdo it. Yep, we’re talking about that inevitable crash and the irritation, fatigue and massive sugar cravings that come along with it. That’s why many people switch to dandy coffee—an herbal coffee blend powered by dandelion root.

Energizing Benefits of Dandelion Root Tonic

If you don’t like dandy blend, there are plenty of other ways to reap the benefits of dandelion each morning. And yes, the benefits are pretty impressive.

It’s a great prebiotic.

Dandelion roots are rich in inulin, which has a prebiotic effect in the gut. Because inulin is difficult for us to digest, it hangs around in the intestines where beneficial microorganisms break it down. These little critters feast and digest the inulin for us, and in return we reap the benefits of healthier colonies of gut flora.

A healthier microbiome comes with its own set of benefits—like fighting brain fog and supporting metabolism and immunity, so this prebiotic effect is extremely valuable for digestive health.

Some research has suggested that dandelion root’s prebiotic benefits also help balance blood sugar levels.

Energizing Benefits of Adding Dandelion Root to Your Morning Tonic

It’s a deep cleanser.

Sure, your coffee might help you poop, but it’s definitely not helping to cleanse your liver. Dandelion root has been traditionally used as a powerful liver tonic in Chinese medicine, and the science backs this up.

A 2017 study demonstrated the liver protective properties of dandelion root, specifically in reference to acetaminophen-induced liver damage. It may also be able to increase the flow of bile, which further benefits the liver when it comes to eliminating waste.

Just make sure you consume exclusively organic dandelion roots. You don’t want any nasty pesticides counteracting dandelion’s healthful effects!

It’s super energizing.

Dandelion root doesn’t contain caffeine, but it energizes the body in a more sustainable way than coffee. This root is incredibly rich in free radical-fighting antioxidants that further support your liver.

When your liver is functioning at its peak, you inevitably feel more vibrant and energized. In this way, dandelion root promotes long-term cleansing and helps restore internal balance. That goes a long way towards improving your health and energy levels.

Dandelion  Root Tonic

When it comes to replacing coffee with a more nourishing morning tonic, dandelion root is an excellent choice. Plus, it’s easy to incorporate dandelion root into a morning tonic recipe, since it tastes delightfully earthy and slightly sweet.

Dandelion Root Tonic

This Dandelion Root Tonic is an energizing drink that promotes all day energy alongside major health benefits. With all the good stuff inside, you won't miss coffee one bit.

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  • 1 cup strongly brewed dandelion root tea
  • 1 teaspoon powdered chaga mushroom
  • pinch of of cinnamon
  • coconut milk, to taste


  1. Dissolve the mushroom powder and cinnamon in the warm tea, then add coconut milk to reach your desired level of creaminess. Enjoy hot or cold!

Whats your favorite way to consume dandelion root and reap its benefits? Share your best tips with the community below!   

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