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At Remodelista, we recently learned that Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, the founders of Food52, were about to launch Provisions, an online kitchen-and-home shop offering their take on the best that’s out there. We wanted to know more: What’s their “go-to” kitchen tool? What’s in their pantry cupboards at home? What do they whip up at the last minute for dinner? Here’s what they had to say:

Photography by Nicole Franzen for Remodelista (except where noted).

Above: Kitchen knife storage in the Food52 kitchen office.

Remodelista: Kitchen pantry staples you are never without?
Merrill Stubbs: Lentils, Worcestershire sauce and Pomi chopped tomatoes.
Amanda Hesser: Anchovies, capers, Hellman’s mayo, Pomi chopped tomatoes, chocolate, parmesan cheese.

Above: Le Creuset Cookware on display at the Food52 office kitchen.

RM: Three kitchen tools you can’t live without?
MS: Mini Whisk, mesh strainer, and my favorite wooden spoon.
AH: A sandwich spreader, Microplane Grater, and thin-tined carbon steel fork.

RM: Favorite pan or pot?
MS: Amanda and I both have the same shallow braiser (in Dune) from Le Creuset—and we now have one in the office kitchen too! It’s great for braised dishes, and just as handy on top of the stove for making risotto.

Above: Merrill and Amanda.

RM: Your go-to dinner party dish?
MS: In the summer, I make a version of Lobster Diavolo inspired by a dish served at ‘Esca’ in New York—spaghetti with tomato, chilis, and fresh mint, topped with big chunks of steamed lobster. I’m looking forward to tomato season!
AH: I like making braised dishes that I can cook a day in advance and reheat. This time of year, I like to serve braised lamb with lots of herbs and garlic.

RM: Salt of choice?
MS: Kosher for cooking, Maldon for serving.
AH: Same as Merrill!

To see the amazing kitchen space Merrill and Amanda work in, visit Steal This Look: Food 52 Office Kitchen.


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