Faith Healing

Faith healing brings together three domains, Akasha: Pure consciousness (God), a subtle event (prayer), and the physical body. The light so often seen by those who are healed is a subtle energy, which can also be perceived as an electrical or nervous charge in the body, a seizure, rapture or dizziness. In her book, The Healing Touch of Mary, Cheri Lomonte recounts the following story.

Dawn J. was a devout Catholic who as a young woman had prayed for a vision of the Virgin Mary. Soon after she left her parents’ house, she experienced an actual visitation. This created a sense of awe and humility; she hardly felt worthy to behold the Mother of God in the flesh. But Dawn came to feel that she had been chosen as a messenger.

Soon thereafter she was asked by a coworker to help with a personal matter. The co-worker was worried about his wife, who had begun to visit a house in the Bronx where a statue of Mary had begun to spontaneously exude scented oil. Dawn agreed to intervene and paid a visit to the house. When she walked in, however, she was greeted by the powerful scent of roses, and when she was shown the small statute, exuding a continual stream of oil, she became convinced that this was a genuine miracle.

Subsequently she paid several visits to the house, each time experiencing a divine presence in the scented oil. On one visit the woman of the house told her that the walls and furniture had now begun to exude oil, which she wiped up with cotton balls. Dawn was given a bag of these to take home. Sometime later she hears that the friend’s 3-month-old baby was gravely ill with spinal meningitis and had been hospitalized in intensive care. Dawn felt a strong impulse to use the holy oil as a health and she took an oil-soaked cotton ball to the hospital and gently stroked the baby’s spine with it. She left, and the next day was informed that the infant was out of danger. The doctor considered the recovery miraculous. Dawn attributed it to the healing touch of Mary.

The three domains of consciousness don’t merely overlap; they are actively involved with one another. The physical plane is represented by the statue, the oil, and the baby’s body. The subtle domain is represented by the vision of Mary, Dawn’s faith, and the divine presence felt in the oil. The domain of pure consciousness is represented by the divine itself.

My purpose here is to open the possibility that there is a unifying principle, the Akashi field, that embraces a wide range of phenomena.

Adapted from Life After Death, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2007).


Elena T.
Elena Poensgen4 years ago

Thank you :)

Cheryl I.
Past Member 5 years ago

Thank you.

Joan P.
Joan P.5 years ago

I almost lost my husband to bladder cancer, the urologist he was seeing said it was too far gone to be removed, I humbly asked the Lord in Jesus name for healing and posted prayer requests on internet for prayer partners, not only was a new urologist able to remove the whole bladder successfully but my husband walked out of the hospital three weeks later and straight to work and has never looked back, I have experienced too many healings in my life to be able to say it was all chance, trust and faith in the Lord is all that you need to see miracles, but the most important factor is believing that His word is true and that He can and will and wants to heal, this has been my personal experience over the last fifty odd years that I have been a christian.

Alicia N.
Alicia N5 years ago

Loved it- thanks Deepak

Juanita Gilboricard
Juanita Ricard5 years ago

Sickness did originate with Adam's sin and as long as this world exists there will be sickness and disease. When Jesus returns and sets up His Kingdom, it will cease-everything will be perfect. It is just around the corner. If we want things to get better, we need to put Him first in all our actions ad desires. One thing that would help is putting in Christian Leaders again like we used to have when we had George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and George Bush. Although we know that Christ's return is just around the corner, having a totally Christian government would delay His Coming until we could get all our loved ones into the fold.

Juanita Gilboricard
Juanita Ricard5 years ago

Only God can heal. He does this through various methods.Sometimes He chooses to do it through prayer and laying on of hands. Other times, He uses Doctors, surgery, medicine, therapy, etc. Nevertheless it all comes from God. He is the one who raised up good doctors, etc. Although not everyone receives their physical healing while on this earth, many do. I have seen it, I have participated in it, not only with humans, but I have seen animals healed when there was no other way.If one does not receive their healing on this earth, please remember that God does not desire that any be sick. It says so in His Word. Sickness is brought on in different ways. Sometimes it may be brought on coming in contact with a disease, sometimes it can be brought on by our own sin, sometimes it is brought on by a medical mistake, such as giving someone contaminated blood. If you become ill, think about what may have caused it. Commit the whole situation to the Lord, seek good medical care as God directs. He will show you what to do. Perhaps your illness may be necessary to bring someone to the LORD. Nevertheless, God can take your illness or affliction amd turn it into blessings. Trust Him, Obey Him. You will be surprised at what He can do. This illness may have been brought on by someone else's sin, not your fault. God can heal. Just be willing and ready.

Marianne B.
Marianne B5 years ago

Enjoyed the article and the comments. I think Dot A. said it best. thanks

Isabel Araujo
Isabel Araujo5 years ago

Very interesting and clear explanation, thank you.

Margaret Paddock
M A P5 years ago

I believe healing comes from a total belief in God and his love for us. Jesus said if we had faith of a mustard seed we could move mountains. In this case the mountain was an illness.

Could it be that faith is giving up of our control and letting God work through us? I have seen people do this for others and for themselves. It truly is a connection to something other than this existence.

Rosie Jolliffe
Rosie Lopez5 years ago

thank you!!