Fall Recipe Ideas

As someone who loves to cook and who loves the flavors that the autumn garden brings, Iím always looking for creative fall recipe ideas. From roasted sweet potatoes and squash to homemade pumpkin pie, fall foods prepared in a warm autumn kitchen seem to ward off the winter chill just a little bit longer.

So whatís in season during fall? Swing by a local farmers market soon and pick up some of these fall favorites: winter squash, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, parsnips, spinach, kale, Swiss chard, lettuce and, of course, lots of yummy herbs.

Butternut squash is one of my favorite fall treats. Itís versatile because its mild flavor blends well with almost anything. If you want to try something new with the next one you harvest or pick up, hereís a unique recipe for Butternut Squash Lasagna. Itís simple, cheesy, and the hint of nutmeg makes for a flavor homerun.

You can never go wrong with roasted veggies. I often eat them as my main course at dinner or lunch around this time of year. If youíre new to roasting, follow these super-easy instructions for Roasted Root Vegetables. My favorite herb to pair with this recipe is a healthy amount of fresh rosemary. Delicious!

I get more than a little giddy when I dig my sweet potatoes every fall. The trick to beyond-good sweet potatoes is to give them the proper curing timeóand after you do, itís time for your kitchen creativity to kick in. Sweet potatoes are wonderful roasted, mashed or in a simple soup, but you can also make more unique dishes such as Sweet Potato Waffles, Sweet Potato Biscuits and Sweet Potato Molasses Pie (all three are detailed in this article about Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes).

While salad turnips add a nice crunch to fall salads, everyone needs a few good recipes for warm turnip dishes. With your next bunch of turnips, try a batch of Turnip Onion Tarts. (Are you drooling with me yet?)

If you do happen to be in the mood for a cool dish for fall, the abundant lettuces and kales wonít let you down. I love a good October salad made with red-leaf lettuce, shredded carrots, chopped green onions, radishes and homemade honey mustard dressing (for the dressing, whisk together a bit of olive oil, vinegar, local honey, Dijon mustard, milk and freshly minced garlicóyouíll love it). If you can get your hands on some purple kale, take advantage of the crunch with this recipe for Kale Salad With Yogurt Dressing.

If youíre still in the canning mood after the summer season of peaches and pears, hereís a†fall canning recipe for Pickled Beets With Cumin and Cloves.

Whatís your favorite fall recipe? Leave a comment and let me know Ö chances are Iíll try it before the seasonís end.

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Thanks for all of the wonderful comments, everyone! Tonight, I'm making a sweet potato, pinto bean and cabbage soup. Mmmm.

Shelley Stonebrook

Thanks for all of the wonderful comments, everyone! Tonight, I'm making a sweet potato, pinto bean and cabbage soup for dinner. Mmmm.

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