Family Foodie Activism & More Fun with Mariel Hemingway

The family that protests together stays together, right? Well, I didn’t protest as much as I documented an event that my daughter, a.k.a Green Diva Silent Jessie asked me to go with her to. I’m so proud she is passionate about food safety and is sharing her concerns about GMOs. So, my husband and I and Silent Jessie went into New York City’s Bryant Park for the recent March Against Monsanto. Here’s a short video about our experience . . .

Then we had an awesome Green Divas Radio Show . . . It wasn’t the first time we’ve had the pleasure to speak to the gorgeous and vibrant Mariel Hemingway (who now adds the title of Green Diva to her many accomplishments), but this time we also got a chance to speak to her partner in love, life, nature and health Bobby Williams. They wrote a fabulous book about finding your path to health through nature, called Running with Nature.

iHeartRadio Talk logoThis also happens to be our first official show featured on iHeartRadio Talk! If you haven’t check out iHeart Radio’s new talk channel, I recommend going there. A great way to customize your news and entertainment radio, and of course an AWESOME way to keep up with all the Green Divas’ shows and podcasts!

Green Dude: Bobby WilliamsBobby Williams

We finally got a chance to talk to Bobby Williams, co-author of Running with Nature and stunt man among other cool attributes. It was great to hear HIS side of the story … hahaha … We’ve spoken to his partner Mariel Hemingway a few times, so it was fun to get his perspective and to learn a bit more about him. Listen to this very fun Green Dude podcast featuring Bobby Williams!
Green Divas 8 Natural Food Remedies Collage

Green Divas Foodie-Phile: Natural Cold Remedies from the Kitchen

Green Diva Gina did an excellent post on 8 Amazing Natural Cold Remedies from the Kitchen, so we talked about some of them and also I revealed the recipe for my secret apple cider vinegar and raw honey health elixir. Listen to this fun GD Foodie-Phile podcast

GD Mizar making shabby chic containersGreen Divas DIY: Shabby Chic Containers from Upcycled Coffee Cans

As always Green Diva Mizar couldn’t stand still during our show, so as she was doing her segment about making shabby chic containers from old coffee cans, she was actually decorating one for me! This girl never stops! Read her great and EASY tutorial post on how to make shabby chic containers from upcycled coffee cans, and listen to the fun podcast of this DIY shabby chic segment.

Listen to our latest talk with the amazing Mariel Hemingway and hear about her adventures in Hawaii with Oprah and lots more! Mariel Hemingway


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