What Your Favorite Holiday Says About You–Quiz

Some of us adore the colored eggs and grass-filled baskets of the cultural Spring holiday, while others revel in the pumpkins and black cats of an American Halloween. Another American tradition, Thanksgiving, with its feast-laden table circled by loved ones, is the day some of us most treasure, while the icons of the Winter holiday–glittering lights on snow, the evergreen tree, and gifts just waiting to be opened–makes many hearts beat faster. Then there are those of us who live for Valentineís Day, or who resonate with the Autumn Equinox and its harvest abundance, or who look forward to champagne and singing Auld Lang Syne at New Yearís.

Which is your favorite holiday? Pick one and see what your choice says about you, here:

Spring Holiday
You love the chance to begin again, and you revel in images of new life and growth. Likely to be optimistic and cheerful, you are usually tender-hearted and affectionate by nature, with a soft spot for vulnerable, cuddly things. Lifeís problems can never keep you down for long.

Summer Solstice
If the longest day is your favorite, you are probably a vital and magnetic person with tremendous reserves of energy and an empowered (and empowering) “can-do” attitude. Fun to be with, and encouraging those around you to expand and grow, you are a vibrant personality.

Autumn Equinox
You are unusual, and likely to be an achiever, warm and even-tempered and proud of what you have accomplished. You like to live a life in balance, and have great respect for the rhythms and abundance of the Earth.

Attracted to the mysterious and enjoying the chance to try on different personas, Halloween-lovers often have an innate flair for the dramatic. You are fascinated by the hidden, since you know there is more to life than what meets the eye. You seek magic and enchantment, and have a healthy sense of play.

Hearth and home are vitally important to you. You are likely to be gregarious, open-hearted, and motherly, eager to nourish others. Grateful for the many blessings in your life, you create a sense of abundance in your life.

Winter Holiday
Childhood magic and wonder have never lost their appeal for you. Courageous and forthright, your ability to find beauty in the darkest days is an inspiration to others, as is the generosity of your spirit.

New Yearís Eve
You tend to be a party person, convivial and perhaps a bit glamorous, enjoying any opportunity to dress up in your finest. You also relish group celebrations where you can shine, but underneath your rather sophisticated veneer, you may be a secret romantic, and enjoy the stability of time-honored traditions.

Valentineís Day
Unabashedly romantic, you wear your heart on your sleeve and love the chance to tell your loved ones how important they are to you. You are warm-hearted by nature, and delight in giving pleasure to others.

By Cait Johnson, author of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air (SkyLight Paths, 2003).


Laurie Peterson
Laurie Peterson10 years ago

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