Feng Shui A Green Garage (with video)

Do you long to create a garage that is not only functional, but one that also extends your living space? Is your garage overstuffed with tools, bikes, paint cans and sporting goods? Does your garage serve as a dumping ground for things that you have no idea what to do with? Does a clean, clutter-free garage sound like a dream?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this post’s for you. You can reclaim and create a functional living space for work and storage using Feng Shui principles and some good green cleaning.

Feng Shui Garage

First, you’ll have to determine whether or not the garage is part of your home for it to be considered by Feng Shui principles. If the garage is attached and shares one or two walls with the house, the garage is considered to be part of the house and Feng Shui principles can be applied. To achieve a Feng Shui garage, clear the clutter, make space to park your car, keep the workshop area clean, and bring natural light from skylights or windows in. Read more about applying Feng Shui principles for your garage here and check out this video:

Whether you practice Feng Shui in your home or not, if you do not have a clean and logically organized garage, you’re once again stuck with a cluttered mess. Here are some tips for organizing your garage and making your own cleaning products, for a sparkling clean garage.

Green Garage

Interested in an eco-savvy garage like the one in the main image? I’ve coveted the image of this garage from Sunset magazine because it is a wonderful example of an eco-friendly structure. It uses reclaimed furniture (workbench, shelving and cabinets). The building is wrapped in a ribbon of translucent polycarbonate panels, which suffuse it with natural light, and it sports a green roof. Oh yeah, it also comes with that spiffy sports car too. Not too shabby.

Does your garage measure up or is it just a mess?

Photo Credit: Sunset


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Thanks for the article.

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Excellent. I do have a garage and want to clear it out.

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best to save everything. one day I maybe need something.
I've heard that behind the mess is a car.

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Thanks for the article, although I don't have a garage of my own, I am storing some of my stuff in boxes with a friend, and I am about to make it look all neat and usable. I purchased the see through containers at Costco, and I think they'll do the trick nicely.