Feng Shui Accent Color Helpers

I know that pink is recommended by feng shui practioners to promote love, but there is no way that Iíd paint a room pink, even so. I can, however, see using a pink pillow here and there as a decorative accent. This way Iíd benefit both from feng shui color alchemy as well as maintain my own personal style. Eureka! With accent colors we can enhance our careers, health, love life and more in our homes and offices without raised eyebrows. And speaking of color alchemy, there are some colors youíll want to avoid completely:

Try to combine both yin and yang accent colors for any one desired attribute:

Career, Good Fortune
Yin: Black. Money, income
Yang: Orange. Strengthen concentration, purpose, organizing
Yang: Yellow. Auspicious
Yang: Red. Confidence, luck

Yin: Green. Nurturing, healing, normalizing
Yin: Blue. Heals, relaxes
Yang: Yellow. Warmth, cheerfulness, sun

Meditation, Sanctuary
Yin: Purple. Spiritual, awareness
Yin: Blue: Calm, soothing, relaxing
Yang: Mauve. World consciousness
Yang: Gold. God consciousness

Yin: Pink. Love
Yin: Silver. Romantic
Yang: Red. Joy, physical

Yang: Tan. Neatness, order, color of earth
Yang: Black. Protection
Yang: Brown. Hard work

Being True
Yin: Silver. Trustworthy
Yin: Navy blue. Wisdom
Yang: White. Purity and goodness

Harmony and Balance
Yin: Green. Refreshing, nurturing
Yin: Blue. Peace and trust
Yang: Brown. Grounding

Colors You Might Want to Avoid
Gray (Yin): Dead, dull, indefinite
Yellow (Yang): Too much can make a person anxious
Maroon (Yang): Represents indecisiveness
Lavender (Yang): Vulnerable to manipulation

By Annie B. Bond


Aaron F
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I decorate with colors I like...no hidden interpretation needed...

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Thank you.

Elizabeth P.
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feng shuiing some more points for the animals ...

Elizabeth P.
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feng shuiing points for the animals ...

Judi O.
Judi O7 years ago

Some very good ideas worth thinking about. I have never read about Feng Shui. Sounds very interesting.

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thank you!

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my bathroom is way to yellow