An Entranceway of Ease: Feng Shui How-To

It is important to regard the home as a living, breathing organism. The main nutrient of our home is chi and the harmonious internal circulation of chi is vital for health and success in life.

Chi has the potential to bounce off structures and this deflected energy becomes more focused and potent. The more dominant or sharper the structure, the more powerful the rebound of chi. Traditionally, this is known as “cutting chi,” and you donít want cutting chi directed towards your front door.

Find out if you have cutting chi at your front door, and if so, how to remedy it.

If there are structures within 100 feet of your front door that are deflecting cutting chi at the front door, you need to remedy it. Sources of cutting chi can include the edges of adjacent buildings where their 90 degree angles are pointing directly at your front door, a telegraph pole or a utility pole within 100 feet of your front door, the sharp edge of an adjacent roof eave aimed at your front door, a lamp-post or an unhealthy tree.

To assess whether you have any of these sources of cutting chi, it is best to stand in the entrance way of your home and look out.

The best known protective device in dealing with cutting chi is known as the Pakua mirror. Available from most Feng Shui stockists, the Pakua mirror is about 3 inches across and incorporates on the outer circle trigrams from the I Ching set out in the Earlier Heaven Sequence. At the center is a circular mirror which deflects cutting chi, thereby protecting your home. You can hang this device above or to the side of the door, preferably facing the source of cutting chi.

Adapted from Feng Shui For Life, by JonSandifer (Destiny Books, 2000). Copyright @ 2000 by Jon Sandifer. Reprinted by permission of Destiny Books.
Adapted from Feng Shui For Life, by Jon Sandifer (Destiny Books, 2000).


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