Feng Shui Fixes for Windows & Doors

Feng Shui addresses the simple, even obvious solutions for inviting in the chi (energy) and circulating it evenly throughout the home.

Windows and doors are very important because they let in and regulate the chi in our living spaces.They are called the eyes of the home and are the gateways from the outer to the inner domains. We want them to be large enough to invite in the chi, therefore small, dingy, broken, or poorly situated windows provide a challenge. However, huge windows can be equally challenging as the chi spins all over and funnels up to the ceiling.

In this article I would like to address common door and window challenges and simple Feng Shui recommendations designed to make you feel happier, safer and more cozy in your living space.

Common Feng Shui Window and Door Issues and Solutions:

1. Issue: Having a front door with a window or glass door directly opposite from it encourages the chi to come in, then go right back out of the home.

Solution: Place something to catch they eye in front of the opposite window or door. This can be a window covering on the opposite window or door, a table in front of it with an eye-catching vase of flowers or art (provided it is safe and not blocking a sliding glass door). Some people will hang a faceted Feng Shui crystal from the ceiling half way between the door and the window. The goal here it to encourage the chi to stay in the home, not immediately escape out the back door or window by creating a visual barrier. Anything that will attract the eye, will attract the chi!

2. Issue: Broken, dirty windows and windows in disrepair (such as a broken seal on a double-pained window).

Solution: It doesn’t cost a thing to clean a window, unless, of course it is in a high-rise. It may cost something to repair a broken window, but these are your eyes to the world. You look out them umpteen times a day. This impacts the way you view the world so clean them up, fix them and change your world view!

See: The Best Window Cleaner

3. Issue: Windows with unattractive views

Biscayne Window Velum with adhesive backing

Solution: There is a wonderful product that you can put over windows revealing less-than-wonderful views. It is called Window Film and has a sticky back that will adhere to windows and doors. It will still let in important light, but give you something inspiring to look at. Those dingy views do impact us. Seeing the neighbors ugly fence in a room- such as our home office- where we spend countless hours looking out the window-is not inspiring us to move ahead and prosper in the world! Another solution is to decorate the outside fence you are looking at with colorful flower boxes or decorative garden art. Make sure all your views out into the world are inspiring! ( Window Film is very inexpensive and is sold at the Home Depot, Target, Bicscayne Windows and many other places. Search on-line for window film.)

There is also wonderful all-weather art that you can hang on that unsightly fence. See end of article for some beautiful outdoor art!


4. Issue: Glass front doors or front doors with windows where others can see in. If outsiders can see you before you can see them you won’t feel protected, or you may feel like you live in a fishbowl. Feng shui is all about making us feel safe in our homes. This is our sacred space and having strangers peering into our front door is not supporting these objectives.


Solutions: If you have a glass front door or windows beside or on the door that people can see through, cover with a window covering or with a decorative window film (see 3) There are beautiful stained-glass window films that will add additional color and energy to the front door. The front door is considered the most important “mouth of chi” where all our opportunities come to us. (Pictures from Biscayne Window Film)

5. Issue: Inner doors that hit each other.

Solution: Any time we have doors that are too close to-or run-into other doors, it is annoying and will bring our energy down, making us grumpy every time we encounter them. Feng Shui is about all of the little things in our space that bug us. They are accumulative and contribute to our daily experience of living in our homes. If you have doors hitting or running-into other doors see if there is one you can completely remove and cover with a curtain. Beaded curtains are also great solutions. There are attractive bamboo beaded curtains as well as fun ones for kids rooms.

6. Issue: Homes with too many windows high up.

Solution: Homes with huge windows going up 30 feet or higher will draw the energy (chi) upwards towards the ceiling. This is wonderful for cathedrals, but we want to be cozy in our homes. Bring the energy back down into the space by hanging window coverings only on the lower panels of windows that are 12′ high or less. Then ground the space by bringing in square and rectangular shapes, heavier furniture and earth-tones into the rugs, pillows and accessories.


7. Issue: Homes with tiny windows.

Solution: For rooms with small windows or only one window, reflect the light you do have using color, glass and mirrors. (See how to with color). If you have some money to invest in your space, Sun Tunnels are considerably less expensive than skylights and will open up a dark space. Remember, mirrors should not be used as solutions in bedrooms as they are considered “energy activators.” (See Feng Shui for Bedrooms)

8. Issue: Homes or rooms without window coverings

Solution: Cover them! This is the same issue as having a see-through front door. During the day you might not mind your windows without coverings, but at night they turn into the black hole. If you can’t cover them at least put window coverings in your bedrooms. One of my clients left her husband because he refused to allow window coverings in their all-glass house and she spent night after night terrified to be there when she was alone. If you can’t afford window coverings, use the window velum and place the at least part-way up so that you can feel safe and secure in your space.

I can’t underestimate the importance of letting in as much light as possible and opening up your windows to let in the fresh air, even in those rooms that no one goes into.

The home is like the body, we need to move the energy throughout it to keep it healthy. If we don’t areas can stagnate and mold and toxins will grow. Sick house syndrome is very serious and came into play mainly because homes that were built about 2o years ago were built so air-tight that they didn’t allow for enough fresh-air circulation. Since so many of our building materials contain VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) the toxic out-gassing creates serious health issues.

So let in the fresh air and light during the day but cozy your home up at night so that everyone feels safe and protected, creating your special sanctuary from the world!

Here is some wonderful outdoor all-weather art to hang on those unsightly fences and walls from Grandiron road.








Erica Sofrina is an Internationally recognized Speaker, Teacher and the Founder of the Academy of Feng Shui, offering Practitioner Certification Home Study Programs as well as on-site programs in California. She is the author of the Book Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World.

Door Pictures Courtesy ofBiscayne Decorative Stained Glass


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Deborah W.
Deborah Webb3 years ago

Erica, I just purchased a home that is going to be a bit of a challenge feng shui-wise. The only room (of a three-bedroom house) is suitable for being a master bedroom. Only problem with this little room is placement of the windows. It will be almost impossible to NOT put the bed under a window to place it n such a way that I can see the door. Otherwise, I will have to put the head of bed against the same wall as the door. I know that some schools of feng shui allow a mirror to be placed across the room so you can see the coming and going of other people. My dog sleeps with me and she uses the other pillow like a human. To keep the bed from being right up against the far wall, I will have to have the bed (a 4.5' wide futon) just to where the far left edge (as I am facing it) window will be sending a poison arrow down the side of the bed where my dog usually sleeps. (Right next to me to my left). Somewhere, I read where you can "disappear" windows if you absolutely must. It will be an East facing or north facing window that I "disappear" by removing the curtain and curtain rod and placing a shower curtain against the window, then a tapestry in front of it. Also, the master bedroom has the wealth corner of the house. If it were not for that, I might have placed my bed at an angle using that corner but do want to put the back of my futon (low wooden head of bed) to my wealth corner. I am committed to the purchase of the house. Also, it is north-facing, but I don't wan

Brandie Black
Brandie Black4 years ago

I once saw some really nice looking windows in aurora. I was just driving around this cute small neighborhood and fell in love with them. I am trying to find some just like them to go on my house.

Mary B.
Mary B4 years ago

Great article, Erica, and love the photos. I've got that front door across from a window where my computer is set up thing going on. I can understand that any one coming into the entrance way [a porch with an old french door] and seeing into my house first thing would feel uncomfortable, but I like to see out as I work there so I'm not sure what would be a good solution. Right now I have a little table there serving as a feeding station for 4 young kitties and they like looking in at me so it's not a problem at the moment , but eventually I need some sort of buffer that gives me a clear view but doesn't cause incoming attention to double back on its self in embarrasment when they see a person right there or that they're looking right onto my house. Any suggestions ?

william Miller
william M4 years ago


Eleonora Oldani
Eleonora Oldani4 years ago

Dear Erica - I promised to come back ... but I'm a bit in a mess :-(.

I've uploaded on my profile page some pics for you with window/glass ideas. See what you make out of this - we feel very comfortable with it.

Stay safe!

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H4 years ago

Please, Erica, come back and explain this better, when you have time. -

"And the wall art - I don't quite understand. Wall art sounds like a big painting that is OK to hang outside, but maybe it means that the nearest wall gets decorated to look like that - complete with beautiful plants?"

My lovely home doesn't need it - it just needs outdoor weeds that don't grow so fast they've always got the upper hand ;) but there must be people here who would really like it clarified.

Or have I missed something?

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H4 years ago

Thank you, Erica, for putting all this on one page!

The film you can put on windows with views you don't like looks just like stained glass - in the photo anyway! And the wall art - I don't quite understand. Wall art sounds like a big painting that is OK to hang outside, but maybe it means that the nearest wall gets decorated to look like that - complete with beautiful plants?

Mind you, this is only hypothetical from my point of view. I had no good views from my first house, so I realised how important this is. When I bought my second house, I was determined to have views of the hills. When I went to check out houses, I walked up to the windows to see what the view was before I took note of the house itself!

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H4 years ago

I would like a period cottage but they were out of my price range, and the windows tend to be small. I have lovely big windows and in every room you can either see a hill, or lots of trees, or both. The best chair in the living room is aligned so I can look straight out at a hill and at this time of year I can see the sunrise behind it. I do have glass in the front door, but this is OK, because the front door porch is on the side of the house. I can see callers so I know whether to open the front door on the security chain or not.

There is only one thing. I have a window without curtains or blinds in the kitchen. I've bought a beautiful blind, and one day I'll find the fittings (hiding from me in some nice safe place) and find someone to put it up for me!

All in all, I reckon I have a feng shui house without having studied feng shui, because I'm conscious of the vibes the house gives out, and it feels just as though the house loves me! I don't know how else to describe the enormous sense of well-being living here.