Feng Shui for Success

Even those of us who know about feng shui often ignore the area that could help us most, concentrating instead on the money/wealth/prosperity area. If you want to make enough money to live on, sell your home, build your business, get a bank officer to approve a loan, have better health, or win a court case–or if you just want to have a more successful life–you need to know about an entirely different area and the fixes for it!

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The Benefactors/Helpful People life area is of great importance to everyone. It may be the most important life area in your home or business.

Enhancing this life area is the secret which has made Feng Shui Master David “Phoenix” Nutter the known record holder (26 out of 29) in getting homes sold which would not sell prior to his consultation. Why? Because your real estate agent, the buyer, and the bank officer who approves the buyers loan are all benefactors.

If you are involved in a court case, your lawyer and the judge can become your benefactors if this area is enhanced.

Benefactors can also help us accumulate and maintain wealth. Your financial planner, insurance agent, business manager, and accountant are your benefactors.

If you are ill, the right health professional is a benefactor to you.

If you own a business, benefactors are clients who refer you to others and good employees who take the welfare of the business to heart.


The Benefactors/Helpful People area is located in the area to the far right of your main entryway. See Map a Room with Feng Shui and the Feng Shui Baguas.

Enhancements for the Benefactors/Helpful People area:

* This area resonates to the colors white, gray, and black.

* A Yin/Yang symbol, which not only has two of the colors for the area, would also bring balance and harmony to your relationships with your friends and benefactors.

* A pedestal or stand that looks like a pillar placed in this area would bring longevity, strength, and stability.

* A large quartz crystal cluster is an excellent enhancement and one of the author’s personal favorites. It would not only be considered a “heavy object” (one of the 9 basic Feng Shui cures), but all of the crystals grouped on the cluster would represent having many benefactors all grouped together for you.

* This area is also the best place for religious/spiritual representations which you align with. Who would not want Buddha, Kwan Yin, Jesus, Ganesh, Angels, etc. as their benefactor?

Adapted from The Basics of Feng Shui, by David "Phoenix" Nutter (Perfect Harmony, 2002). Copyright (c) 2002 by David Nutter. Reprinted by permission of the author.
Adapted from The Basics of Feng Shui, by David "Phoenix" Nutter (Perfect Harmony, 2002).


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I used to try to feng shui everything (I really believe in it) but lately I've just been putting things wherever they look best in the space that I have.

I do still have altars and try to incorporate what I can.

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