Feng Shui for the New Year

Betsy Stang, practitioner of Healing by Design Feng Shui.

A new year is like a new doorway. A new year offers a new chance to bring who we truly are into manifestation. Each turn of the wheel has its wisdom. What does the wisdom of the New Year hold for you? Your home? Are there obstacles in your way?

In the Northern Hemisphere the New Year follows shortly after winter solstice, the time of year with the longest night, the time of the Great Yin, the Dark Feminine, when the energy of all growing things goes deepest into the ground. We are each given this time to dream of what we might become as the light and growth return.

In the ancient Chinese traditions this is the time of K’un—The Receptive, Earth

    The Receptive brings about sublime success,
    Furthering through the perseverance of a mare.
    If the superior man undertakes something and tries to lead,
    He goes astray;
    But if he follows, he finds guidance.
    It is favorable to find friends in the west and south,
    To forego friends in the east and north.
    Quiet perseverance brings good fortune.

The elements of spring are sleeping in the dark with the bears and moles and many other animals. In Native American traditions this is a time for dreaming, storytelling, coming together as community and of contacting the spirits of the Earth.

This is not a time to reach outside for answers, but to go deep within.
As we go in, we notice.

Notice your home. What patterns are outmoded? Where are the obstacles to your realization of self? Look at piles of what is not being used. Is there a tool, a skill you have, clothing, computers, cameras that you no longer use? Are they outmoded? Will you use their gifts? If not they need to move along, so give those possessions away. If you are not willing to pass them along, then use them.

Do you have old obligations and debts you have not dealt with? It’s time to clear them too, at least begin to gather the information you will need. It is not possible to truly move into prosperity and abundance, until you are in full integrity with yourself.

All traditions celebrate this time as new birth and the return of sun from its journey to the southern hemisphere. Be gentle with your new beginnings they are infants and need to be nourished until the sap starts to flow in early February.

Make small movements. Allow yourself quiet time. Listen. Clear, clean, restage resting and work places of your life. And bring sustainable light into the time of dark.

In the new year, as you sit cozy in your home, remember there are always those who are cold and hungry or in the dark. Can you pass along something you no longer need to someone who may need it more? Not just people, the animals need your help now too. Can you find a way to share your wisdom and prosperity with those who have no voice? The ancient Chinese masters said: “Feed the Earth, feed the fish and the birds and your world will be abundant.”

May you be a steward of the earth and have a new year full of abundance and joy.

—The Rev. Betsy Stang

The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources


Teresa H.
Teresa H6 years ago

Here is the Feng Shui Forecast for the Year of the Golden Rabbit from the Traditional Chinese metaphysics perspective:


Teresa Min Yee Hwang
Master of Feng Shui FSRC
Chinese astrologer
FSRC Lecturer
Interior designer
Country Liaison (Canada) of the International Feng Shui Guild
Accredited Member of the Feng Shui Network

Elizabeth P.
.6 years ago

feng shuiing some more points for the animals ...

Joanna Kowalska
Joanna K7 years ago

Thank you, great ideas. I have a bag of clothes (some unworn) that will go to charity.

Teresa H.
Teresa H8 years ago

Here is my thought on Feng Shui & Christmas:
According to Chinese metaphysical studies, everything is connected within the whole universe…….between Heaven, Man/Human and Earth. The study of Feng Shui is the environmental examination of Chi/Qi between Heaven and Earth – Time and Space, and by incorporating the principles of Balance and Harmony.

The Christmas celebration happens a few days after the Winter Solstice, when the Water energy is strongest – most Yin time of the year, which is reflected by the cold temperature outside, and the shortest daylight hours during the day. In order to maintain a balance, we would need to activate the Yang energy in the form of:

• Lighting – both for the exterior and interior of the house.
• Activities – good time to have family gatherings around the fireplace, in the kitchen, enjoying the warmth, good nourishing food and festivities.

The Water element represents communication in terms of human activities, so this is the best time to convey the love and affection between family members, lovers and friends. Beware of intoxication due to too much alcohol consumption, as the negative side of the human activity will come out as being verbally abusive, argumentative and depressive.

The Water element also represents love; this is a wonderful time for sharing with others. In our present world with the big gap between the rich and poor, the haves and have-nots, pressing environmental issues

Nikoleta A.
Nikoleta A8 years ago

good ideas, thanks, good reading

Michelle Hess
Michelle Hess10 years ago

I agree with Theresa. Also that winter is the time of the womb, gestation. We are beginning a new 12 year astrological cycle on February 7th, and are leaving behind a twelve year cycle that, astrologically (Fire Pig, Earth Tiger, Wood Rooster, and so on), mirrored the 1940’s when the world was at war. Let us hope that this new cycle will be the beginning of more peaceful times. Gung Hay Fat Choy! (Happy New Year!)

Deborah D.
Deborah D10 years ago

I have just recently joined Freecycle in my area.

I went to their website http://www.freecycle.ORG

Several items have moved on to a more productive existence in someone else's home.

The moderators for each cityregion seem to vary in quality, based on comments I have seen on other sites, but it seems like a good thing!

suzanna l.
Kathy l10 years ago

I suspect the reference from the I- Ching about the N S E W is based on a landscape of long ago with waring or competing regions some friendly some not and the positioning of the writer.

Delores Page
Delores Page10 years ago

All month, I have been thinning things down, putting them together for our local Sr. Centers sale..the more we own,the more cluttered our lives and homes become..........When is The Chinese New Year..........and how do I get to Freecycle.com?...............

Shelby Thomas
Shelby Thomas10 years ago

A thought -provoking article...I believe that the winter is a time of hibernation, and for the preperation of growth that is yet to come..I am not a Feng Shui master, only a devoted reader/ layman practionor of Feng Shui, but its benefits to your life become evident once you raise your level of conscienceness , not only to your OWN surroundings, but also to the Earth as a whole. Thank you for a nicely-written article.