Feng Shui for the Office

From the Author of Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World

Welcome to my series on Feng Shui room by room – Feng Shui for the Office.

Creating an inspiring work environment is an important factor in generating more abundance in your life. The more your spaces uplift and stimulate you, the more time you want to spend there and the more energy you put into what you are doing.

We spend a lot of our life at work. I don’t need to tell you how uninspiring an office full of faceless, featureless cubicles can be and how drastically that lowers morale.

Whether you work in a home office or in a big corporation, you can still do something to make your workspace more inspiring for yourself and raise your energy level or chi.

When you feel safe, comfortable and happy in your space your energy field expands. As a result people

want to be around you. When people are drawn to you they naturally want to spend time with you and bring you opportunities. You thus might find doors starting to open, blockages starting to unblock and people offering you options that often translate into more money and more general abundance.

In this article we are going to investigate simple and inexpensive ways to revitalize your workspace by shifting the chi.


Our basic instinct is to be safe. It is in our DNA and a part of our genetic makeup. When you are sitting with your back to your office door you are going to feel dis-empowered and vulnerable. One key component in making us feel safe is to make sure your desk is placed in an empowered position facing the door. It’s also important not to sit directly in front of the door because chi flows strongly through doorways and you will never feel at ease. It would be like standing in a strong river current. It is too stimulating to sit in for long periods of time.

Here are some other ideas for how to place your desk and still be in the empowered position facing the door.

If you have a window and you want to enjoy the view, turn your desk to the side that allows you to see the door along with the view.

You can also bring a desk facing the wall out into the room and sit behind it, arranging printers and file cabinets behind you.

For those with built-in desks that can’t be moved, buy a rear view mirror with a sticky back (sold at auto supply stores) and position it onto the top of the monitor so that you can see what is happening behind you.

Another aspect of safety is physical comfort and prevention of injury. If you feel uncomfortable sitting at your desk and are straining or aching after a few minutes, hours or at the end of the day it is not set up correctly. If you are hurting as a result of working, the message your body sends to you is “don’t go in there, it is an unsafe place that will injure you.” This is why it is important that your office is set up ergonomically and that your chair, desk and computer are all at the right height for easy work.

A last area of safety is to make sure all cords are housed in safety runners so that people cannot trip and injure themselves. From the Feng Shui perspective if anything feels like it can be unsafe you won’t feel truly at ease in the space.

Besides the safety factor, clutter is also disturbing to us. A tangled snake pit of cords will disrupt our sense of serenity in the space. Roll them up, tie them up and drop them into an attractive container such a beautiful basket.

Nix the fluorescent lighting and bring in incandescent lights whenever you can. Even turning off half of the fluorescent lighting in your office and using a desk lamp will make a huge difference in your energy level at the end of the day. They may be energy saving but they are also energy sucking and are extremely draining to your energy field.

Protect yourself from EMF’s or electro-magnetic fields. This is a subject that deserves an entire article dedicated to it, but in short, studies have shown that EMF’s scramble and weaken our energy fields and are suspected to contribute to serious illnesses. However EMF’s are prevalent in our lives, especially in areas that use a lot of technology. Protect yourself by not sitting close to the back of a computer monitor and using laptops whenever possible. Use land lines rather than cell phones if you can. You can purchase devices and pendants that will help re balance your energy fields and that can be used on electronic equipment such as cell phones. Two tried and true products I recommend to clients can be found at these web sites: Gia Wellness and Omega products. Both are reputable companies that sell EMF protectors,and you can find many more on- line.

Clear Clutter and Organize

I know this is always easier said than done. If you are overwhelmed by this piece, as many of us are, give yourself the gift of a professional organizer. Don’t berate yourself if this is not your forte. Hire someone who can instantly see how to arrange things in your office for maximum effectiveness.After this you will get the knack yourself and be able to continue on your own. Don’t underestimate the importance of asking for and hiring help, even for two hours. It can make a huge difference in your life. Offices are often the most disorganized spaces in hectic lives but order in this sphere is actually crucial to your success in the world. To take care of your physical environment also takes care of your mind, body and spirit.

12 Tips to End Clutter

Inspire Yourself!

Bring in art that you love. Even when your bookshelves are filled with those unattractive binders and manuals that you need for your jobs, juxtapose them with art and objects that bring you joy. Make sure your shelves reflect who you are and what inspires you in life. Make sure every object has its space so that it does not look like a haphazard arrangement of clutter.

Bring in Nature

At our essence we are ancient creatures who came from 100,000 generations of ancestors who lived in the natural world. Surrounding ourselves with objects and art depicting those origins are essential to mental and emotional well being, reminding us who we truly are. Studies have shown work spaces devoid of nature cause depression and lower productivity among workers. Commit to having beautiful plants or fresh flowers. Bring in a water feature and nature art and calendars depicting beautiful landscapes. Bringing in the five elements of wood, fire, earth, wood and metal is a key component of the Feng Shui teaching. (See my article bringing nature into the home). In terms of your family pictures, a few are comforting but too many are distracting. Your workspace is for the development of who you are in the world and what your contribution to that world will be. Reserve the private spaces in your home to display images of your loved ones.

Bring in Environmental Affirmations

Use the important ‘real estate’ of your office walls for affirmations of what it is you want to bring into your work life. For more private home offices this is a great space for your career vision board. Create a collage with words and images of the true work you imagine doing, whether you are there or not. Your pictures and images create powerful environmental affirmations, sending this message continually to the conscious and subconscious mind. We must think it first in order to create it, so make it up and put it on your walls and watch it manifest in your life! (For more on this please see my article Your Home is Attracting Your Future!)

Offices are Yang Spaces

Offices are places where you want to generate energy and should be light, bright and happy spaces that by their color schemes contribute to lifting your spirits. For more on this subject please refer to my article on Yin Yang for a Balanced Home.

Remember that your office is your space for manifesting who you are in the world. Think of it as your altar to call in that energy in your life and let your imagination soar!

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Fi T.
Past Member 4 years ago

It's all about ventilation and harmony

Mac C.
mac C5 years ago

I have a friend that has always used a small round mirror on his computer because his desk doesn't face the door and couldn't be moved. When he first started using it, he got lots of comments -- all good. Soon, some others did the same since their desks all faced toward the wall and not the door. No one, not even my friend knew it was Feng Shui until years later. I'm looking forward to more in your 'room by room' series. Feng Shui is fascinating to me. Thank you!

Carol P.
Carol P5 years ago

A rear view mirror? Seriously?!?! I can't think of a better way to ruin your workspace than to add tacky, sticky junk that ruins your furniture, walls, or electronics.

And having your desk face the window may have been fine back in the day when we spent our time looking down at what we were writing on a page, but in the era of computer monitors, it is a fabulous way to give yourself eyestrain from having too much light shining directly into your eyes as you try to view your screen.

This is NOT feng shui!!! And if you want to make more sense of your room, you'd do better to just use a little bit of common sense than to listen to this advice.

Wisteria K.
Past Member 5 years ago

No way.
To position my desk so that sit facing the door into the room? No way !
I am safe inside my home, and I position my desk so that I can see the trees,the flowers the meadows and birds flying by.
Yes we all need to feel safe but this sounds pretty paranoid to me.

Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne R5 years ago

Thank you.

Shanti S.
S S6 years ago

Thank you.

Manuela C.
Manuela C7 years ago

Oh, the clutter in the office, always growing... :|

Bonnie M.
Bonnie M7 years ago

Feng shui does not hold all the answers. Intention and dedication is an important factor in any endeavour, people have to realize feng shui is not a quick fix. It takes time to apply feng shui in anyone's life, just as meditation takes years of good intention and dedication.

anna g.
g d c8 years ago

can an office cube have too many plants and mirrors?

Erica Sofrina
Erica Sofrina8 years ago

Darryl, I am sorry you disagree with me but you clearly do not understand that there are different schools of Feng Shui. You practice Compass School Feng Shui which is different than Form School Feng Shui which is what I have studied for many years and practice and teach. Form School Feng Shui does not use the Compass but uses Front Door Bagua and rocks and stones are considered the metal element. I do not appreciate you saying these are dangerous or wrong just because you have studied a different school of Feng Shui.