Feng Shui Help for Love and Relationships

Love and relationships are enhanced or put under stress, according to the principles of feng shui. The relationship section of your home is found in the far right corner of each room, or the far right area of your living quarters, from the entranceway.

If your home is a shape such as an L, sketch in an invisible line to make it a rectangle or a square, and find the love and relationship section outside if it falls in that sector. (One person’s house, shaped like an L, had the love and relationship sector over the septic system in the back of the home. The marriage ended in divorce.)

There are ways to enhance this oh-so-important sector of the home, and here’s how:

Add Colors
Pink: Sweet and tender love.
Red: Fiery passion.
White: Purity and fidelity.

Grow Plants
Self-propagating plants.

Place Stones
To bring new love: Moonstone,
To refect unconditional love: Rose quartz

To enhance and maintain a good love relationship: Ruby.

Include Birds
Birds symbolize the union of man and woman to the Chinese.
Look for birds on paintings, fans, and carved boxes.

Make sure that any imagery of birds has more than one bird. Two
birds together is ideal, like an image of love birds.
If the relationship section falls outside of the house (as in the “L” situation above), establish working bird feeders.

Except for self-propagating plants, make sure you include two of everything, such as two chimes, two flower pots, two red candles, two hearts, a man and a woman (or two men, or two women).

Images of the sun and moon together are very good, as is the symbol of yin/yang.

Remove images of angels, Buddhas, cactus, anything that could be cooling, such as a shower. (A hot tub is enhancing.)

Adapted from The Basics of Feng Shui, by David (Phoenix) Nutter (Perfect Harmony, Inc. 2000). Copyright (c) 2000 by David (Phoenix) Nutter. Reprinted by permission of the author.
Adapted from The Basics of Feng Shui, by David (Phoenix) Nutter (Perfect Harmony Inc., 2000).


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