Feng Shui Love Tips

Love is a many-splendored thing, as the song goes, but it can also be elusive and complicated. Now I’m not about to go on an anti-Valentine’s rant here, really. I love the various historical accounts of St. Valentine and I particularly like that the holiday can be traced back to Roman fertility festivals. Although admittedly, I’m not so much seduced by the big, frilly Hallmark-card version of the day–yet there is a lot about Valentine’s Day that I do adore.

Basically, what I like about the holiday is that it is a celebration of love–that elusive, complicated, many-splendored thing. What better time to try out these feng shui tips to attract and nurture love in your life? These suggestions come courtesy of feng shui expert Angi Ma Wong from her book Feng Shui Do’s and Taboos (Storey, 2000).

• Place geodes in the SW corner of your house to enhance love, romance, and relationships.

• Create a romance corner in the SW area of your bedroom. Include pictures or figures of happy couples and surround them with hearts, flowers, doves, and lovebirds.

• Add a gold, red, or pink crystal heart to your romance corner.

• Collect heart-shaped containers made of terracotta, china, or porcelain, or take stones from the beach that are shaped like hearts. Place them in groups of two in your romance corner.

• Keep a representation of a bat in a SW area to encourage marital contentment. In China, bats symbolize happiness, good fortune, long life, and protection.

• Place heart-shaped candles and accessories crafted in earth materials, such as stone, tile, terracotta, and clay, in the SW to activate love, romance, relationships, and marriage. Use yellow, pink, red, and white objects.

• Hang a crystal chandelier in the SW area of your home, especially if this area contains your living room, to attract love.


Elena T.
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Teresa W5 years ago

How can you enhance something that doesn't exist? :-P

Gwynethrose F.
Gwynethrose F5 years ago

Thank you for the tips!! Since I lost my husband unexpectedly about nineteen months ago, I'm definitely not ready for this quite yet...but one never knows.

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Emma S.
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I'm going to take a punt on any of this not being 'karmically damaging' and may well be giving some of these a go. (The south west corner here is at present a sort of dump for clothes that need mending etc...)

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Ah yes.... will the REAL feng shui please come forward!!!!
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