How to Feng Shui Your Bathroom

The truth is that there is no really good placement for a bathroom in Feng Shui, at least in part because that ancient Chinese system was developed before indoor plumbing! But there are some bathroom locations that are better (or worse) than others and these are important to know because your home’s bathroom can have a very negative effect on the luck, wealth, and health of all who live there.

No matter where your bathroom is, there are simple fixes you can do so your good luck won’t just keep on going down the drain. Find out what they are, here:

Here are the worst locations for a bathroom:

In an important area of the house, like the area for marriage or abundance, for example. (To find out where the different baguas, or areas, are, see Map Your Bedroom with Feng Shui. This will give you the general areas which you can apply to the entire house.)


1. Place a mirror on the outside of the bathroom door or above it.

2. Keep the toilet lid down when not in use.

3. Keep drains closed or covered when not in use.

On an upper story directly above the front door or above the kitchen.

1. Put an uplifting picture or statue (a bird, a tree) in the area underneath the bathroom.

2. Hang a faceted crystal from the center of the bathroom ceiling.

3. Put an earth-related object (a crystal, terra cotta vase, or stone) in each corner of the bathroom.

In the center of the house.

1. Paint the bathroom walls red.

2. Put a mirror on the outside of the door.

3. Place an earth-related object (a crystal, terra cotta vase, or stone) in each corner of the room.

Good general fixes for any bathroom

1. Keep the toilet lid down when not in use, and keep the door closed as much as possible.

2. Place growing bamboo plants in the bathroom, especially where they can be reflected in the mirror.

3. Using earthy objects–a terra cotta soap dish, a pottery vase–in the bathroom is a good technique for balancing the water energy there.

4. Open the window whenever possible. If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, hang a mirror above the toilet.

5. Use gold-colored towels to attract abundance. This can help to counteract any down-the-drain effect.

6. Warm colors in bathroom décor help to balance dark, damp yin energies.

By the Care2 Staff.


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