Feng Shui Your Car

The ancient Chinese principles of feng shui make a lot of practical, as well as spiritual sense; if the ancient Chinese had driven motor vehicles, they would have used the principles of feng shui on them, for sure! Find out how to clear negative energy from your car, increase a sense of clarity and protection, prevent road rage by encouraging serenity while you drive, and more.

1. Clean out your car. Those old papers, cans, bottles, and wrappers create chaotic, stuck energy. Clear out the clutter and you will feel a positive difference in the energy inside your car.

2. Wash the windows. The windows are the eyes of your car, so keeping them clean makes spiritual, as well as practical sense. Clean windows allow good energy to enter from outside, besides making it easier to have adequate visibility!

3. Water is the driverís friend. The best element to evoke when driving is water: flowing, clear, and thoughtful. Keep a bottle of water in the car to help you remember and connect with the helpful qualities of this element.

4. Clear negativity. Seasalt sprinkled on the floor of your car can absorb negativity; just be sure to clean it out periodically. Other non-Chinese (but effective) methods for clearing negativity in your car include keeping a bundle of dried sage or cedar, or a braid of sweetgrass in the car.

5. Protect your car Images of dragons are considered protective and lucky, so you might place a small dragon sticker somewhere inconspicuous in your car. The powerful rhinoceros is a traditional deterrent against thieves and accidents; a rhino keychain or small rhino statue are both good reminders of protective energy inside and surrounding your vehicle. A popular non-Chinese protection is black tourmaline, a coal-like stone: just keep one in the glove compartment.

6. Stay grounded. Even though we are traveling quickly through space when we drive, we can still stay grounded. Traditional grounding helpers include ordinary backyard stones and crystals. Some people even keep a small box of dirt from their yard in the glove compartment.

7. Color matters. If youíre buying a vehicle, take a peek at this article that uses feng shui principles to help you choose the best color for your car.

By the Care2 Green Living Staff.


Geetha Subramaniam

PS: the link to the car color returns an error page not found page.

Geetha Subramaniam

Thank you! Will make use of these tips. I do always carry a bottle of water to my car. It's very thirsting in the car esp. with the air con on.

Val Olson
Past Member 10 years ago

I have a picture of my guru on my dashboard. Every time I look at her radiant face, I'm reminded of joy and love. I like the idea of having positive energy flowing inside my car;

Kathleen Taylor
Kathleen Taylor10 years ago

I try to do take good car of my car. I am a commuter and spend so much time driving during the week that I feel as if I am in an extension of my home! I have a Celtic Cross and a rose quartz crystal Bear in my car for protection.

Jacqueline Jakle
Jacqueline Jakle10 years ago

I do most of these things, except I've not put any dirt or stones in the car. I don't have a rhino or draggon, but I do have a St. Christopher visor medal I've kept in my car for years. It makes perfect sense that if we use Feng Shui in our homes and gardens, we should also keep our car in the same shape, or our office or any other space we use.