Feng Shui Your Clutter – Win the Book!

I recently heard the quote “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.” This rings true for the most part but is a little tough to admit when it comes to my closet. My personal relationships can be going strong, my health and happiness can seem on track–but if Mt. Laundry has taken over my closet floor, I know there’s something in my life that needs sorting. In an attempt to straighten out my home and therefore my mind, these tips have been pretty valuable.

Start by taking a photograph
We may be so used to walking into a room and stepping over a pile of clothes or boxes that it becomes ingrained in our mental memory and we no longer notice the mess. By taking a photograph, it’s a little easier to see how those Christmas decorations or piles of bills don’t belong on your kitchen table.

Take a moment to connect with your home
Carefully look around to determine which parts of your home are not working well. If your hallway is full of boxes, it isn’t able to function as a hallway. Just as pain in one body part restricts the energy in the whole body, a similar thing happens in your home. Because all parts of the home are connected directly with your life, blocked energy in one area will manifest itself in others.

Sort & organize

• Start with one room and work your way through the entire house a little at a time.
• Make three piles: donation, repairing and trash. Recycle whenever possible.
• Your mantra: “Everything must have a place.”
• Bins and containers help to gather items neatly.
• Loose papers belong in a folder and then in a file cabinet or drawer.
• Plants. Yup, you can have too many plants just like you can have too many old TV Guides. Work on redistributing plants throughout the house.

• Remove all objects blocking main pathways.
• Store all of your boxes out of sight unless they are coordinated and create clean lines.
• Are you a collector? Too many of one thing scattered around your house can start to look messy but can look stylish if they’re all kept together. Gather on a shelf or china cabinet but be sure to dust!
• It’s awfully tempting to come home and kick your shoes off! Sadly, this is not so conducive to the flow of chi. Try and remember to remove yours shoes at the front door and store neatly.
• Your everyday items; keys, mail, loose change, and umbrellas should all have a designated space. Keep them out of sight.

Newspapers aren’t your friends
• Don’t let media accumulate. Piles of paper prevent the flow of energy throughout your home.
• Donate used newspapers either to your local recycling center or to an elementary school for craft projects.
• Designate a time and day to take newspapers your recycling bin. This will keep the stacks from growing into unmanageable clutter.
• Cut out articles that you want to keep and file them away. No need to keep the whole paper!
• Donate your old magazines to a hospital, elementary school or nursing home.

You got time to lean, you got time to clean
• A clean space is the most important aspect of feng shui. Try and commit to a weekly deep-cleaning.
• Keep a pretty bucket fill of natural cleaning supplies. The easier they are to access the more likely you are to use them.
• Make cleaning fun! Turn on a song you like and commit to dusting for the length of it.

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By Veronica Peterson, Editor, Healthy & Green Living


Angela Malafouris

This article saved my life! lol Seriously I am a pack rat and I explain it to myself by saying "you have too many interests!" It is all about arts, crafts, music, collecting, etc etc The list goes on forever! So reading this article gave me a new perception of the subject...not to mention all the awesome comments! I made a small note of the articles main points, put it on my bookcase next to the PC screen and I try to do a tiny bit of decluttering everyday! Thanks! ^_^

Tourism R.
Past Member 7 years ago

I definitely need to get my hands on that book because my home looks like a big storage room. And i definitely need a wife !

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Debbie G.
Debbie G7 years ago

I've been working on the decluttering, but I'm a pack rat which is a difficult habit to break. (Sometimes it can be beneficial, like when I find a new use for that old aluminum pot of my grandmother's that's been in my basement for years.) But, now as I go about it I try to think of uses for things, and be a little more discriminating about what I keep. Charity pickups are my friends.

Louis Olivencia
Lou Olive7 years ago


Dr Kathi A.
Dr Kathi A8 years ago

Completely agree, when there is exterior clutter, there IS internal clutter. When you let THINGS go, internally & externally, it frees your mind of the WEIGHT of it all.

Recently decided to give some stuffed animals, from a guy I tried to date had given me [after my ex-fiance']. They are brand new. Thought of two of the children at church for two specific ones. Just do not have a use for them in my life. Decided that I could do that with ALL things that are brand new or nearly new that someone else would enjoy & just to GIVE it away.

MANY things comes from this one act; I regain space, do less maintenance, feel good that someone will enjoy these items, give some kind of happiness to whomever receives the items. Nothing that is used looking though. AND, NOT as a gift, just as something they may enjoy, right now, for no reason.

Susan S.
Paul Stephan8 years ago

Clutter outside equals clutter inside. Clean one and you clear the other.

Rachel M.
Rachel M.8 years ago

I am always looking for ways to de-clutter my life! I need to find ways to store everything in an aesthetically pleasing way so I can keep my stress levels in check (which is not easy when you have toddlers)!

Maria W.
Past Member 8 years ago

The thing though is you can't organize clutter - only get rid of it! :-)

June Duncan
June Duncan8 years ago

This struck home for me! Declutter, declutter, declutter and move your life in a new and positive direction. I'm all for that!

Rafael Montilla
Past Member 8 years ago

Excellent Article, I really need your help to fix my house, Please help!! lol