Feng Shui Fixes for Your Kitchen

Want to feel healthier and attract more abundance in your life? The kitchen is the room to focus on. Feng Shui experts say that two elements in the kitchen indicate our energy and wealth potential, plus food is important to life and the kitchen is where we store and cook it. Are you burning up your vital energy, or allowing your wealth to go down the drain? Try these simple Feng Shui fixes in your kitchen for a healthier and more abundant life. Some of them are better for the planet, too!

Many of these fixes are simple common sense, but there is solid Feng Shui wisdom behind them. Try them in your kitchen and see what a difference it makes!

Clean it up and clear it out. A dirty or cluttered kitchen has a negative effect on our health and energy. Empty the garbage and compost regularly, to avoid stagnant chi (life energy). Compost or toss out all the foods that are dangerously past their expiration date, donate gadgets and cookware you never use, and just generally make your kitchen feel more serene and spacious. Rather than inwardly wincing when you walk into your kitchen, you can feel settled and expansive, at ease and uplifted.

Aim for whole foods. If you eat a diet filled with junk and processed foods, it’s hard to be healthy. (Or wealthy, because you’ll be paying for a lot of doctor visits!) Make a changeover to whole, natural foods. Display those foods, when you can: A bowl of squashes or a glass canister filled with dried beans are cheering sights. (And sign up for Eat Well Naturally, our recipe newsletter for eating healthy, luscious foods.)

Use nature’s energy to clean. Connect to the healing and abundant energies of nature by using natural cleaners rather than products filled with harmful chemicals. For some helpful non-toxic cleaning tips, go to the Care2 archives or see Annie’s favorite kitchen cleaning formulas.

Keep your stove working well. The stove is an energy source, associated with your own fire and passion. Be sure it‘s functioning well and that you rotate your use of the burners, so you’re not overusing one or two. And there are so many reasons why gas leaks and dead pilot lights are bad feng shui! Be mindful, and keep your stove in good working order.

Stop leaking your money away. Feng shui principles teach that dripping faucets make your wealth potential go right down the drain—and besides, it’s such a waste! Do the right thing for your own abundance and for the Earth: Conserve water by fixing leaks and using water-saving faucets.

Use mirrors. If your back is facing the entrance to your kitchen when you cook, place a small mirror near the stove so you can see who’s coming in and out. Some say a small mirror placed behind your stove will increase your good fortune, since it visually doubles the number of burners. A bright, shiny teakettle or other reflective surface will also help.

Lighten up. Make sure your kitchen is well-lighted and well-ventilated. The light will boost your energy and cheer you, while adequate ventilation is important for health.

Boost your chi with plants or flowers. A potted plant or a bouquet of flowers (as long as they’re fresh) will add life energy to the room.

By Cait Johnson, author of Witch in the Kitchen (Inner Traditions, 2001)


Michele Wilkinson

I need to de clutter my kitchen.

pat B.
pat B6 years ago

good to know

Christa Deanne
Oceana Ellingson6 years ago

Already did so to our kitchen. (:

Melissa T.
Melissa T.6 years ago


Elizabeth P.
.6 years ago

feng shuiing some more points for the animals ...

Carol Cowbrough
Carol C7 years ago

Great. Thanks.

Christine F.

Thank you, there's some great common sense in there - like the decluttering. That's the one I need to get on with. I already know that I'll be happier in my kitchen when I've got that done.

Susan S.
Paul Stephan7 years ago

Thanks--good ideas.

Beverly L.
Beverly L7 years ago

Lovely and very relaxing!

Linn D.
lyne y7 years ago

Alright! I really hate my kitchen and rarely enter it even for a glass of water. I don't eat in it and it's a real downer when I am in it. I'm getting up off my duff now to take account of all the things I need to do to fix this cluttered, unappealing kitchen. Thanks for suggestions and a push to do this!