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I believe that most of us are well-intentioned about choosing products that are eco-friendly both for our own health and that of the planet, but simply donít know what products to use or where to find them. Here is a resource book to the rescue – it covers sustainable choices for green building products and furnishings and more. Who knew where to find natural window treatments made of wild crafted grasses and reeds that are baked to achieve beautiful hues of greens and browns?

I have already come to rely on this book, and I am very discriminating about the eco-friendly resources I will trust! Check it out:

The types of product recommendations in this book range from general renovating and decorating materials, such as paints, plastic lumber, playground equipment and upholstery fabrics, to heavy-duty building supplies such as for roofs and basements.

Green Building Products: The GreenSpec Guide to Residential Building Materials edited by Alex Wilson and Mark Piepkorn (New Society Publishers, 2005).

Editor Alex Wilson has been researching and writing on energy efficiency and sustainable design for over 25 years, and co-editor Mark Piepkorn has extensive experience with natural and traditional building methods.

By Annie B. Bond


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