The Key to Having Endless Energy

Barry Michels and Phil Stutz share how holding back hurts more than it helps.

Do everything you do with every fiber of your being. This includes important activities, like preparing a presentation for work or expressing love to your spouse or children, but it also includes everyday things like washing the dishes, balancing your checkbook, or talking to the checkout clerk at a store. Most people are so afraid of depleting themselves they constantly hold themselves back. But if you give to the last drop, you’ll be surprised to discover you have more energy than you ever dreamed of.

In fact, you have a source of infinite energy inside you; it can’t be depleted. Weirdly, the way to get more of this energy – is to give more of it away. When you hold back, you lose touch with it. When you feel like you’re running on empty, that’s why.

This inexhaustible source is every human being’s sacred birthright and its energy reflects two aspects of the divine. The first is Love: it has the ability to connect you to the people around you – and them to each other. The second is Creation: it can bring new things into the world. At the end of your life, this outflow of love and creativity is all that will matter, and it is all that will be left of your existence; it is your true legacy.

So far so good. But it’s easier to say “give all of yourself” than it is to do it. Mostly, we focus on what we want to get from the world – money, validation, status, etc. What we have to give seems irrelevant. But whatever you get back means nothing compared to what you give out. We’ve treated patients who’ve gotten more than most of us can imagine – they live in palaces and wear outfits that could feed entire families for a year – and none of it makes them happy or fulfilled. As hard as it is to believe, they have to live by the same rules as you do; to live well, they have to give everything of themselves….Continue reading at

Barry and Phil are co-authors of THE TOOLS.

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Theresa R.
Theresa R4 years ago

Thanks for sharing

Heidi R.
Past Member 4 years ago

This is for me most apparent in massage and in healing. As we give energy through massage or healing, we derive even more energy. It's a beautiful paradox. Thank you for the article.

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Shailja Mukhtyar
Shailja Mukhtyar4 years ago

the more you give, the more you get, simple truths.

like a match that lights dozens of candles, women plant the seeds that grow.

ligthting dozens of candles does not diminish the light of the original flame !!

heather g.
heather g4 years ago

There are many of these points with which I agree - perhaps because I am positive by nature.

However, I also know that many of us women carry far more time-juggling responsibilities than the average man - let alone those mothers who also work, do the laundry, homework and of course, cooking, etc. No wonder, we outlive men more often than not...

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thank you so much for sharing with Us.
Blessings For All!
Much LOVE and Light, Peace

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Thank you :)