What Fingernails Reveal About Your Personality

The ancient system of palm-reading is based on Vedic wisdom from India. According to this system, the lines in our palms, as well as the shape of our hands, fingers, and fingernails reveals something about our personalities and can also tell us about our relationships with others.

Fingernails are an especially significant feature of the hand, as they are natureís way of protecting the nerve endings. Nails reflect your stamina and ability to cope with stress, so the condition of your nails may indicate the degree to which the state of your nervous system affects your relationships.

Find out what the shape of your fingernails may tell about who you are and how you relate:

Broad Nails
You are open-minded, tolerant, and relaxed. You have an easygoing nature capable of absorbing stress. Broad nails denote a healthy nervous system and physical vitality. You have good circulation; you are resourceful and optimistic in your approach to life. You believe in extending yourself to others unconditionally. Just be careful not to exhaust yourself. You have a tendency to go to extremes; you accept all that life has to offer with enthusiasm, and also good-naturedly take on all that others ask of you.

Long, Narrow Nails
These speak of grace, refinement, and a strong aesthetic sense. You may be idealistic in your desire for the perfect relationship. You need to develop more tolerance and patience regarding your expectations of others.

Generally, this nail will be seen in conjunction with fine texture on the hand. Often you will gravitate toward professions that do not require strenuous physical exertion, and that give your aesthetic sense full expression.

Flared Nails
You have an extremely analytical nature. You often have the same desire to share and accomplish as does the broad-nail type. However, the short length of the nail and its narrow base suggest that you lack the nervous resistance to carry out your actions in a calm, relaxed manner. You may become nervous over slight disagreements. You can be easily upset, defensive, and prone to nervous strain. Your high-strung nature makes you vulnerable to all sorts of anxieties and impatient outbursts, which exhaust you.

Your energy can best be exercised in research activities or other detailed work. Avoid being overcritical. You need to curb the tendency to find faults in your partner, which can place a strain on your relationship.

Short Nails
You may have an extremely nervous disposition that is prone to temperamental and unpredictable behavior. You are analytical, with a tendency toward perfectionism. You can easily become intolerant of those who fail to measure up to your critical standards.

Guard against losing your cool during disagreements and learn to see things from a larger perspective. If you are too fastidious, you may annoy your partner.

Bitten Nails
These indicate that you have a nervous temperament. Biting your nails destroys the very armor that protects your nervous system. Learn to recognize what triggers this habit and find a harmless alternative for relieving tension: for example, counting to ten, deep breathing, or drinking a tall glass of water. Such a diversion may give you the time to calm down and perceive your situation more clearly.

Adapted from Love in the Palm of Your Hand, by Ghanshyam Singh Birla (Inner Traditions, 1998). Copyright (c) 1998 by Ghanshyam Singh Birla. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from Love in the Palm of Your Hand, by Ghanshyam Singh Birla (Inner Traditions, 1998).


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