Fire Safety in the Home

The smoke detector in my house has been sitting on a garage shelf for a month now. Every time I pass, it silently calls to me, “Buy a new battery for me and put me back into service.” So far, I havenít listened.

According to a recent report from the U.S. Fire Administration, 4,000 people died from fire in 2004 and nearly 18,000 were injured. This report also concluded:

  • The very young and the elderly have the highest risk of death from house fires.
  • Men are more likely than women to die in a fire.
  • Fire deaths are more likely to occur within a family living in poverty.
  • While this study proposes a variety of reasons for these findings, the conclusion is the same–all families can take simple steps to protect themselves from fire.

    Smoke Alarms
    The sole mission in a smoke alarmís life is to protect you and your family. More than 65 percent of fires that kill children under the age of 5 occur in homes without working smoke detectors.

    • Install smoke alarms outside every sleeping area and on every floor of a house.

    • Check smoke alarms monthly.

    • Replace the batteries in smoke alarms annually.

    • Safe Housekeeping
      Smoke and fire can spread rapidly, and family members may only have seconds to respond to a fire.

      • Keep bedroom doors closed–closed doors will slow the path of smoke and fire.
      • Keep walkways and exits clear from toys and other items.
      • Use nightlights to illuminate key escape routes.
      • Keep a fire extinguisher in the house. Check this fire extinguisher regularly and replace it as necessary.
      • Escape Plan
        Families should develop an escape plan and practice it with all family members. This plan should:

        • Account for all family members including infants, elderly persons and pets, especially those who may be incapable of escaping on their own.
        • Teach children how to respond in a fire.
        • Establish two escape routes from each room.
        • Identify where to go once outside the home.
        • Learn more: There is lots of information available online for families to make their home more fire safe. Take a few minutes to review sites like the U.S. Fire Administration and learn more.


Arjun Akira
Arjun Akira2 years ago

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Care member
Care member4 years ago


Mick g.
Mick Gill9 years ago

The ones that they have installed in Oz run of elect but also clean them to make sure they are clean on of dust and grease so they work properly

Sandra D.
Sandra D9 years ago

Check them twice a year -- Spring forward & check your batteries for carbon monoxide and smoke alarms and Fall backward (check them twice a year). Safe a life!

Heidi Keitz
Heidi Keitz9 years ago

I change my batteries twice a year. I know the detector orks just plug in the toaster and try to make toast without it going off

Black Tiger P.
Blacktiger P9 years ago

Message to Alan D, fire alarms do NOT react to cigarettes or cigar smoke. And a bit of info, you get more bad air in your lungs from motor vehicles than a few wiffs of tobacco smoke.

Rob Stradmeijer
Rob Stradmeijer9 years ago


Alan D.
dave nall9 years ago

I do not allow any smoke in my home. The last time smoke came it as a result of the microwave overheating some food, the detectors came on, although a bit slow. I try to check the batteries at least once a year and will not allow any smokers in. I try to keep my windows and other entrance-ways closed so to not allow smoke from fires and other polluting devices in.

Diane Guest
Diane G9 years ago

Here in the UK free smoke alarms are available to people on benefits and also to the elderly - thus leaving fewer reason not to follow the advice.

Pande Sri S
Pande Sri S9 years ago