Fishers of Men

Call me crazy, but when I experience something more than once, I pay attention. I believe there are no coincidences. Life is a series of connections, many of which take place on a level we are not conscious of until they “break through” as serendipity. If we are alert, we can receive the message intended for us. That’s what intuition really is – a clear signal from divine wisdom.

My wisdom recently showed up in the form of a fish and a couple of funny moments. I was at a party, and a friend of mine got an earring caught on her sweater. She looked a bit odd with her neck kinked, as if she were Nipper, the RCA Victor dog. I didn’t think a thing about it until a short while later when I caught my fingernail on the lining of my jacket. Hmmm – two “catches.”

Later that day, as I was waiting for take-out at our favorite Indian restaurant, I noticed a fish at the bottom of his tank. I wondered if he was OK, and sat down to take a closer look. He slowly made his way over to my corner of the tank. I sat and stared at him for a bit, and then it hit me. What happens to fish? They get caught. Looks like some serendipity coming through.

As I drove home, I thought about how we humans are caught up in life. We are prisoners of our own creations, not realizing that unlike fish, we are able to cut the line and set ourselves free. We are not victims of circumstance, and we can choose to live a life free of entanglement and attachments. But setting ourselves free starts with the choice to do so – the desire and courage to look at life from a different perspective. As Einstein said, one can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.

I then realized that there are those who choose to stay caught in order to set others free. Some walk through suffering in order to serve those around them. They’re caught in circumstances that would weaken most of us. But there is no line attached to them – the trap we see is really a divine illusion. By hanging out in fishing nets, they catch those who need a helping hand.

You may want to take some time today and ask yourself where you feel trapped, and what wisdom must be gained in order to cut yourself free. The clarity you receive may have something to do with being aware of those around you. By making their lives in the nets just a bit easier, you eventually free yourself.


Elisa F.
Elisa F4 years ago

Wonderful perspective! Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the info.

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Nice post - thanks

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great article :D

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SANDRA R7 years ago

Great article. Thank you Susan!

Buffy F.
Buffy F7 years ago

Great article. The courage to break free, is a difficult one to get. Specially if you are blind and stuck in rituals, day to day life.

Kaye Skinner
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