5 Images of Incredible “Canopy Walks”

If only we could be Mary Poppins for one afternoonówe’d soar over people’s gardens, make way through the trees, maybe even befriend a few birds.

It turns out we canówell, at least the part about wandering through the treetops. Here are five images of amazing “canopy walks” that make it easy to walk from tree to tree at an altitude typically reserved for birds. Blending innovative design with natural surroundings, each of these structures offers unusual aerial views of the trees, animals, ground, and sky.

Above: The Out on a Limb Tree Canopy Walk exists 50 feet above the ground in the Morris Arboretum at the University of Pennsylvania. Designed by Metcalfe Architecture & Design, the 450-foot walkway has a suspension bridge (that leads to a giant birdís nest) and a large platform from which to view 92 acres of forest. Photo by Paul Warchol.


Above: Located at the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden, the Greenheart Canopy Walkway offers one “a rare perspective of the natural beauty of the west coast forest canopy ecosystem.” Photo courtesy of University of British Columbia Botanical Garden.


Above: Ziptrek EcoTours’ TreeTrek offers guests a full view of the valley between two ski mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb, in British Columbia. The series of suspension bridges, treetop viewing platforms, and forest boardwalks are suspended up to 200 feet; the waters of Fitzsimmons Creek rush below.


Above: At the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Canopy Walk, a concrete pathway extends for 600 feet into the urban Storza Woods. The experience is described as “floating through the hardwoods,” where spectators can see a wide variety of flora and fauna, from trillium to flowering trees to red-tailed hawks. Photo courtesy of Atlanta Botanical Garden.

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