5 Tips for Working Efficiently at Home

Do you work out of your house? If so, here are five tips from Deb Lee, a Certified Professional Organizer and a contributor to the blog Unclutterer, on how to work effectively from a home office. See her list of suggestions below:

Above: The home office of Remodelista editor, Sarah.

1. As much as possible, take care of distractions before working. If you are distracted by disorder or something that can be completed ahead of time, take care of these items each night before heading to bed so you can focus on work the next day.

2. Work at a table or desk. Work in a place that feels like you should be doing work there. Sit at an organized desk (or table) and in a sturdy chair.

Above: The home office of Remodelista editor, Janet.

3. Keep your to-do list visible. Start each day by reviewing your to-do list or creating one so you have a clear understanding of where youíre going. Cross-off items as you go.

4. Add deadlines to your task list. Use a calendar, a stop watch, or any other device that will help you to reach goals by specific times.

5. Keep email notifications turned off. Since email comes in at random times, it is hard to work without interruptions. Check e-mail on a schedule or when you take a break. If you can, turn that notification off when you need to focus.

For more tips on working–and living–in a well-organized way, take a look at Unclutter Your Life in One Week, by Erin Doland, founder of Unclutterer.

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Lara Tomb
Lara Tomb4 years ago

Great tips.....I work from my home and it is more useful for me..as it will enhance my efficiency.I am a reseller with Goresellers.com and make a good turnover by selling their web services.

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Sheri P5 years ago

great tips. i work at home a lot and it's hard to stay on task...

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Aurora Perez
Aurora Perez5 years ago

Great tips! Thanks!

paula eaton
paula eaton5 years ago

The email turn off would be hard for me. I wish I could work from home.

Amy Stotler
Amy Stotler5 years ago

Awesome tips, thank you for sharing.