Five Unique Ways to Store Your Books

We might be able to download a digital book with the click of a mouse, but at the end of the day there is something very reassuring about a home filled with books; they serve as a roadmap of sorts showing where we have been in our lives, both literally and figuratively. That said, having enough room to store books can sometimes be a challenge; here are  five creative solutions for corralling books in unexpected spots.

Above: Books stored piled high on a custom shelf in the reading area at the Barbican Foodhall.

Above: Built-in book shelves under the eaves of a sleeping loft in a Brussels house by Vanden Eackhoudt Freyf Architecture.

Above: The space between two beams serves as a tiny library integrated into the structure at the Independente Hostel in Lisbon, Portugal.

Above: Looking to add an extension to a small Richmond Home, British firm Levitate Architecture and Design Studio added built-in book shelving above the kitchen. See more clever ways to store in the kitchen.

Above: Another project from Levitate Architecture and Design Studio: a library for a client with an extensive book collection. The library staircase with English oak treads and shelves lined with books on three sides leads to a loft bedroom addition in the attic. Click here for more home library inspiration.

Have you got a creative solution for book storage? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Tom S.
Past Member 3 years ago

I thought haven’t read such distinctive material anywhere else on-line.
Stow Simple

Melania Padilla
Melania Padilla5 years ago


Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

we just use floor to ceiling shelves, we have 4 and I use smaller shelves also :)

Latoya Brookins
Latoya Brookins5 years ago

I need more places and shelves to hold all of my books. Every month I end up buying more books at thrift stores, used book stores, and yard sales.

Anna M.
Anna M6 years ago

I love holding a book. e-books are just not the same.

Lauren Weinstock
Lauren Weinstock6 years ago

Heidi- I will own books into my future- I'm hoping for at least 30 more years of life. My children will probably own books, and I have hope for my grandson too. So that's more than 30 years given my grandson is 7. There is always hope.

Deborah S.
Deborah S6 years ago

With the thousands of volumes I currently have filling wall to wall, floor to ceiling shelves and sitting in piles or boxes pretty much everywhere else, I would say the one storage idea likely to work out for me would be to just build a library. I have already filled every other available space.

Sonia Minwer-Barakat Requ

Great ideas.Thanks for sharing

Christine Jones
Christine J6 years ago

As a librarian, I totally agree with Becky H. that the electronic book, however convenient, will never replace the sensory experience of smelling and feeling a real book. Good to see people being so innovative with their books, but many of these appear designed for looks rather than practicality. Books need to be easily accessible. I'd add a word of caution about storing books in kitchen areas; it's not good for them. Books are like wine; they like to be kept in a stable, cool temperature, and humidity/steam/heat are their enemies. Personally, I've got seven bookcases and I love them all. To me, a house without books is like a house without pets; just a house and not a home.

Becky H.
Becky Holland6 years ago

most of these methods make the books inaccessible. love my laptop, but adore the feeling of paper in my hand. need books to be accessible and be able to easily browse and replace, otherwise we will not be encouraged to read.